Sarah Roberts
Blue Springs

To the editor:
I am writing to you as a concerned citizen of Blue Springs. I attended the May 4 City Council meeting. The largest part of the meeting was dedicated to presentations regarding development and growth opportunities for our residents and businesses in our immediate community. I have also been in attendance at a few other community based meetings that were great rallying events for support. As a locally employed business person it raised my hopes that we truly can be a better community.

 An agenda item came forward to purchase two new police units. These were to be Dodge Chargers. Not a big deal until you realize  there are no Dodge dealers in Blue Springs.

Two council members challenged the purchase but it was argued by another council member to be too late to deal with this issue. Oh and by the way, it was brought up that the previous six patrol units were purchased the same way (no local bids), from the same out-of-town dealership. I just wonder if a local dealer had the chance to be partner, at a cost within the purchasing thresholds, how much better it would feel to know we took care of our own, Blue Springs citizens.