• Stephen Brown: Fans are voicing displeasure with Chiefs

  • Football hasn't been fun, especially in Kansas City. Not one bit. It's been fans clashing with fellow fans and picking sides. To cheer or not to cheer, it depends on which banner flies.

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  • Football hasn't been fun, especially in Kansas City. Not one bit. It's been fans clashing with fellow fans and picking sides. To cheer or not to cheer, it depends on which banner flies.
    A house divided cannot stand. Arrowhead hasn't fallen, but its leaning hard. The Chiefs still can't win.
    I first became a Chiefs fan in 1989, but in that time I haven't seen this sort of fan reaction. The climate is bitter and unforgiving. Fans are mad at how the Chiefs have played, but most of the anger is directed toward Scott Pioli. Fans want an overhaul, which includes Pioli leaving.
    "Pioli's answers made me upset more than anything," said an angry fan after Pioli spoke to the media this week. "He never answered a single question. I hate political correctness and dancing around."
    Opinion is a stinker; it can help you or sink you. Currently Pioli is plummeting with the fans. I don't need a poll, I have ears to hear. If Pioli was the Titanic, Matt Cassel would be his iceberg. That's the biggest complaint fans have with Pioli – sticking with Cassel.
    There are optimistic fans. On Facebook there are fans raising money to help purchase a banner to encourage the players against the Oakland Raiders. Not saying they agree with everything, but they're supporting the Chiefs the best they can.
    But the vibe I get is the ones upset are the majority.
    That majority has started a website called SaveOurChiefs.com. Former Kansas City Star sportswriter Jason Whitlock has already donated $600 to the cause. The site has 73,000 followers on Twitter.
    "We always hold out that loyal hope we are one play away from turning things around, one play leads to a win and that win leads to two and momentum into the playoffs," Marty McDonald said of the site to Fox 4 news in Kansas City.
    McDonald said they're encouraging fans to wear black shirts, black hoodies and black hats to show their displeasure in the stadium. Extreme, but eventually thousands of upset fans get loud. Many fans have reached their Chiefs limit.
    It's unthinkable to me to paint my face black, wear black clothing and even hint toward being a Raider fan, but that's what this season has been. Continual protest and not liking anything owner Clark Hunt or Pioli does.
    Not everything fans are grumbling about is unjustified. Pioli admits that, but fan reaction has taken on a new look this season. A zeal that's hard for the Chiefs to ignore.
    Cheering Matt Cassel while he's hurt is an obvious foul, but fans speaking their mind is their right. The Chiefs can't give fans 1-5 – 37-66 since 2006 – and expect to sell tickets. That's life. Pioli knows that and so does Hunt.
    Page 2 of 2 - Fans are peeved; they're raising money and taking action. Fans are reacting. Might be overreacting, but regardless it'll cause empty seats. I'd like that to not happen. It took too long to build Arrowhead back up. I don't like the thought of fans taking off the red and gold and leaving their jersey in the seat. It's the house that Marty Schottenheimer helped make, the place Derrick Thomas called home.
    Think of Len Dawson, he's there every home game. What's he think? I’m sure he's not happy.
    Schottenheimer didn't go 68-18 at Arrowhead by telling fans after each game he didn't understand; Crennel has said that too often this season. Not being mean, but that strikes me as bad. Being a military man, I know leadership like that doesn't work.
    Not what a coach is supposed to say. Pioli said the Chiefs are better off now, but right now the offense is playing worse in categories than 2011. That's bad, folks.
    There are factors to why the Chiefs have struggled that have nothing to do with Crennel or Pioli, but overall it's on Crennel to right the ship and Pioli to bring the players in. That's the way fans think. That's what fans demand, for ownership and management to create a winner.
    There’s no room to be politically correct. Fans want leadership and they want management to get it right. Real simple, fans are tired of hearing that things are getting better. Let's SEE it for a change.
    I get Pioli liking his privacy. I don't like people knocking on my door unannounced. Privacy's good, but the best leaders let people know them "enough" to convince them the journey’s worth it.
    Fans need more convincing, Pioli. Oh, and wins!
    Good day, Chiefs fans!

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