• Sandy Turner: Wondering why I still have my job

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  • Fortunately my boss is in love with me or I’d have been written up by now. For the past two weeks I’ve been obsessed with the arrival of a grandson and another daughter’s pregnancy.
    Funny how new mothers think the worries will lessen with time, when actually they just keep multiplying. Now I’m worrying that my daughters are worrying. It doesn’t get any more complicated than that.
    Even though I try to act as though I have everything under control, with work and worries, my boyfriend, a.k.a boss, knows better. He hasn’t said anything about the numerous oversights and mistakes I’ve made on the job, although I’m sure he’d like to make a comment or two. I’ve noticed when he politely tells me something hasn’t been taken care of he is also peering over his cheater glasses with a look that says, “could you please focus on something other than daughters and babies.”
    Since I’ve been at this job for less than two years, I’m not even good enough at it yet to be able to slide under the radar and look like I’m doing my job, when really I’m not. That takes years of practice and the capability to outsmart your boss. If I’m not talking to one of the girls on the phone, I’m texting or looking on the Internet for baby things to purchase, and I’m sure it seems like that’s all I’m accomplishing. He never seems to stop in my office when I really am doing my job.
    Luckily, he’s a patient man, plus we share our grandchildren with each other, so I’m pretty sure he’s just as excited as I am; it just comes out in different ways for guys. When I get excited, I have to talk about it and then talk about it some more, think about it, analyze it and then call one of the females in our family to talk about what we just talked about. He’s being much more productive than I am, because he can sum up his excitement in two or three sentences, while I could write a novel.
    “I wonder …” is how I’ve been starting a lot of my conversations with him lately. The problem is it hasn’t had anything to do with the two of us, work, or anything I can control. I guess I could wonder to myself how the grandson slept last night or how much the grandson who will arrive soon will weigh, but that’s just not as much fun. He’s stopped answering with, “I don’t know,” to not answering at all, although sometimes he does shrug his shoulders and at least pretend to be engaged in the wonderment of it all.
    Page 2 of 2 - Sometimes I wonder how he puts up with me and if he is second-guessing his decision to invite me into his work world. Just when I think he’s had all he can take, he tells me what a great job I’m doing as an employee and a grandma.
    I wonder how I got so lucky.

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