Romeo Crennel is proof positive that right coaching makes a difference.

Fan response: That was something else!

How true, because it was. From start to finish Kansas City delivered against the Green Bay Packers, something fans hadn’t seen all season. Romeo Crennel is proof positive that right coaching makes a difference.

Crennel also routed a couple fallacies.

The myth of Todd Haley not having players to work with got debunked Sunday by fullback LeRon McClain and tight end Leonard Pope. McClain had four carries for 20 yards with 26 yards on four catches, by far his biggest impact yet. Haley also tried selling Tyler Palko, but Crennel’s first move was to demote Palko. Crennel quickly made Kyle Orton his starter and made rookie Ricky Stanzi the backup, Palko was inactive for the Packer game.

Orton responded by completing 23 of 31 passes for 299 yards. Spreading the ball to 10 different receivers Orton looked very comfortable at quarterback. Orton didn’t fumble, throw a pick or get sacked. All Orton did was make Haley look silly.

The Chiefs looked like a football team and Crennel showed there are players in Kansas City; you just have to use them. Without Haley the team banded together and played four quarters of football, the Chiefs controlled the clock for 36 minutes.

Pioli took hits over letting Haley walk, but against the Pack, Pioli couldn’t have looked more right.

TAMBA HALI: Hali speaking with the media reminded me of the 1986 movie, "Hoosiers."

There’s a scene where the town calls an emergency meeting to vote on whether Coach Norman Dale (Gene Hackman) should be dismissed. Just as the town votes coach Dale out, local star Jimmy Chitwood asks permission to speak.

Not much of a talker, Jimmy tells the town he’s ready to play, but only if Dale remained as coach. From that point, Hickory became an unstoppable team.

If you walk past Hali he’s polite, shakes your hand, but when it comes to making it public Hali’s protective. Like Jimmy, when Hali speaks, fans listen.

Hali had something to say on coach Crennel.

“He’s very motivating,” Hali said. “He treats us like men. He does expect a lot from us, but he knows what it takes.”

A lot was said by Hali who doesn’t say very much. Hali is the sort of player you want, a quite leader who lets his talk show on the field, but Hali likes Crennel.

The players haven’t said much on Haley, but what they’ve said about Crennel says plenty. Not only what’s been said about Crennel, but how the players play for Crennel.

The players have made their case, why search any further, Crennel’s standing right here.

Kansas City owns a 55-48-2 advantage over Oakland in regular and postseason play. The only team the Chiefs have beaten as frequently is Denver (55 wins). The Chiefs are 53-47-1 against Oakland in the regular season and 2-1 in the playoffs.

Oakland swept the season series a year ago. Oakland has won four consecutive games at Arrowhead Stadium, its longest winning streak in Kansas City. The Chiefs won the first meeting 28-0 between the two teams this season, as Kansas City intercepted a season-high six passes. Kendrick Lewis and Brandon Flowers both returned an interception for a touchdown.

Kansas City clobbered Carson Palmer the first time picking him off three times. Kansas City found the clamps shackling Packers Aaron Rodgers to just 59 yards passing in the first half. Palmer has 13 interceptions compared to 10 touchdowns, so when pressured Palmer throws the pick. Hali and Justin Houston is becoming a force, so expect the Chiefs to turn it on against Palmer.

Without Darren McFadden the Chiefs can force the issue by having Palmer throw. Brandon Flowers is second in the NFL with 23 passes defensed, I like the Chiefs chances.

The Raider defense allows 378 yards a game, so Orton and the offense have room to move against the Raiders. The Chiefs offensive line played their best game against the Packers, so they’ll need to do it again to keep the offense moving.

Simply put, with Crennel the Chiefs have momentum, while the Raiders are reeling. It’ll be loud at Arrowhead making it that much harder on the Raiders.

Treat it like a playoff game, because whoever loses is out.

Chiefs get my vote; they roll giving fans a Merry Christmas!

Good day, Chief fans!