• Chiefs’ failures all start at the top

  • During the past bye week for the Kansas City Chiefs, local pundits have dissected the past 20 years of the team.

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  • During the past bye week for the Kansas City Chiefs, local pundits have dissected the past 20 years of the team.
    Many blame Carl Peterson and Herm Edwards for the ridiculously poor state of the franchise. Others have already determined that the Scott Pioli-Todd Haley team is a bust with two huge egos and guys that are in over their heads.
    Still others have placed the blame on Peterson and Dick Vermeil for developing a lopsided offensive football team. Last but not least, some have pointed to the era of Peterson-Gunther Cunningham-Marty Schottenheimer as pivotal because they held onto players beyond their prime.
    Harry Truman’s coined phrase “the buck stops here” is what truly applies. The Hunt family has been ineffective in running the franchise. They have marketed the team as the heartbeat of Kansas City – and it is.
    However, in running the team’s everyday operation, they have been lacking. Lamar Hunt, father of the AFL, did a superb job of developing the franchise. He literally changed the football landscape forever.
    Somewhere along the line, other more progressive NFL teams passed the Chiefs. Under Clark Hunt, the team seems to be wandering in the wilderness. Clark has a substantial soccer background, not football. Fans may feel that Pioli and Haley are in over their heads but the young owner may be as well.
    I know this idea is sacrilegious in Kansas City, but the franchise is beginning to hurt in all areas. The team itself speaks the obvious.
    To attend a Chiefs game and tailgate your heart away is no longer the thing to do. The December games at Arrowhead will be hard pressed to sell out. The consecutive non-blackout string in Kansas City will probably end this year.
    For the first time in decades you see Chiefs ticket commercials on every media outlet. The atmosphere at the stadium no longer has that positive buzz of excitement.
    Times are tough at One Arrowhead Drive. Clark Hunt may own the team and run it as he sees fit, but fans are not all willing to watch it.
    • The high school football format of two teams from each district advancing has been a success. More high schools and kids have the opportunity to experience the specialness of the playoffs.
    • Let’s hope the Missouri State High School Activities Association Volleyball Championship Tournament will be another big success, so that Kansas City will continue to have the opportunity to host the event at Municipal Auditorium.
    • It is ridiculous to play the World Series in November. Baseball is a summer sport. Television money has ruined a good thing. It’s simple – football in the fall, basketball in the winter and baseball in the summer!
    • My quote of the week is from former President Harry S. Truman: “A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities; an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties.”

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