Teens facing charges after dispute over basketball court time becomes physical.

A couple of teenagers picked an ill-advised fight at the Sermon Center last week.

Independence police arrested two teenagers for allegedly attacking and injuring an off-duty Independence police captain.

Troy J. Garrett and Blake D. Applebury, both 17, were charged with misdemeanor assault. They have a municipal court appearance scheduled for March 2.

Capt. Terry Storey suffered a contusion and bleeding from the right side of his face in the fight. He has a black eye, but hasn’t suffered an lingering effects, according to police.

Storey, along with Municipal Judge Gary Helm and City Counselor Allen Garner, were at the Sermon Center, 201 N. Dodgion, to play basketball at noon on Thursday.

The two 17-year-olds were playing basketball on the court they were wanting to play on.

Their time for playing had expired, according to police, and Storey and his group had the court reserved.

 Storey approached one teen, telling him to leave the court because their time was up, according to the report.

“I’m not leaving, old man,” Garrett told Storey, according to the report. He then shoved the captain. Storey shoved backed.

Suddenly, Applebury punched Storey with a closed fist. Applebury suffered a broken hand, according to police, and needed medical assistance that arrived at the scene. Storey suffered bleeding and a contusion.

An independent witness, an employee of the Sermon Center, told the investigating officer, Capt. Ken Bergman, that she saw Garrett push Storey and then Applebury hit Storey with his fist, according to the report.

Storey never identified himself as a law enforcement officer before the scuffle, so they were not charged with battery against a law enforcement officer. No formal police complaint was filed, according to police.