To the editor:

Regarding Earl Bishop’s letter, Feb. 18, “Government control of everything nears.”

I tried to warn you, but you just had to have a Democrat as your president. Well, now look what you have done. You went right ahead and voted in Obama and got a socialist to boot. Your president just spent a trillion dollars of our tax dollars to “stimulate” the economy. You and I are never ever going to reap any of the so-called “benefits” of this package. It’s going to create or save 3 to 4 million jobs? What about the other 6 million who have lot their jobs in recent months?

Keep the word “nationalization” in your vocabulary. Our health care, our automobile companies, our insurance companies that the government has bailed out can, in no way, repay these loans. What’s going to happen is the federal government will sort of “repo” these businesses. You will be told when you can do to the doctor and which doctor you can see. What we will get, however, is taxes that will skyrocket. Somebody has to pay this money back ... and it’s gonna be us.

That’s how socialism works. Control is the feds’ goal. Here’s an example: When I was Sweden a few months back, I couldn’t by carryout beer or wine without going to the systembolaget, the government-owned-and-controlled liquor store. They set the prices. Take it or leave it. There are no “sales” or advertising.

I needed something as simple as a Tylenol. I had to go to the apotaket and pay whatever they say it costs.

I’m not being a radical; I’m being a realist.

The best days of the the United States are behind us.

What our military and hard work had given us is now being changed. Remember, your president said he would change things. What a start.

Pray to God. Maybe He can save our beloved United States. We the people are now powerless to do so.