• Brown: Berry gets what it means to be a Chief

  • I like Eric Berry, I really do.

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  • I like Eric Berry, I really do.
    Berry’s a student, a learner of the game. He understands football, but he also gets Kansas City.
    “Once you put that jersey on with that number on it, your last name on it, and you have that helmet on with that arrowhead on it, you have a lot of people that played here previously you represent,” Berry said at the Chiefs practice facility Tuesday. “(Romeo) Crennel takes a lot of pride in that as well. Just remember you represent guys like Willie Lanier and guys like who came before us. That’s the biggest thing Crennel preaches.”
    Berry takes tradition to heart. As a fan, I like that. When Crennel tells his team to take pride in the uniform, I visualize Berry digesting every word. Berry honors the past, the uniform and what’s on his helmet.
    Berry takes where he’s at seriously. What I appreciate, is at 23 years old Berry knows it’s about the team Lamar Hunt built. Berry recognizes the city and its fans. Berry accepts that responsibility 100 percent.
    Of the players Scott Pioli has drafted, Berry fits the Chief persona the best. He came to the Chiefs with sense of pride already – Tennessee folks are a close bunch. Berry’s also extreme with who he wants to be, what he wants to accomplish and the product he gives fans.
    In talking to Berry, he left me impressed. Berry’s focused.
    As a rookie, Berry became that emotional player on defense. Berry steps on the field wanting to own it, especially at home.
    I remember the playoff game at Arrowhead and some Ravens players warming up on the field. Without a second thought Berry approached them, helmet on, not intimidated at all. That old-school Arrowhead attitude has been absent.
    I liked it. Berry showed guts. I guarantee other fans liked that, too.
    A player that honestly believes there’s a standard they need to play by because of the team they’re on wins fans over. Berry’s sincerity has convinced me. I’m a believer in what Berry can do.
    Pioli drafted Berry for the little things like staying after practice to help clean equipment, but that didn’t stop with Berry coming to Kansas City. Reciting team history to Chiefs fans shows honest intent to know your team, city and the ones watching.
    Berry’s enthusiasm could be just as influential as Crennel in 2012. I’m expecting it to happen.
    Berry speaks to the sentimental part of Chiefs fans.
    Berry comprehends the past and knows fans want it back. Since 2007, the Chiefs are 14-26 at home. Fans get loud and still roar ‘home of the Chiefs.’ But winning? The Chiefs haven’t been consistent at home for several seasons.
    Page 2 of 2 - Teams aren’t scared to play at Arrowhead.
    Berry’s assertiveness gives fans hope. With a healthy Berry in 2010, the Chiefs were 7-1 at home – their best mark since 2005. If it hadn’t been for being 7-1 at home the Chiefs might not have won the AFC West. That’s how important Arrowhead is.
    As a rookie, Berry played fearlessly. Berry wasn’t afraid and played stronger at home. As a rookie, Berry showed his ability to change games, rally his team, and get fans into it. Berry’s old-school hits are what drives fans.
    The Chiefs have a player in Berry that can talk the talk, but back it up. Not every team has one, but the Chiefs do. Not just Berry, but players like Jamaal Charles will be coming back this season.
    Berry’s approach isn’t just playing safety. Berry thinks bigger. Berry uses the past and present to shape his persona. I think Berry’s very committed to being the best Chief and football player he can be.
    As a rookie, Berry told me he wants to be great. Derrick Thomas said the same when he was taken by the Chiefs. Look at the impact Thomas had.
    Day 1, Berry bought into being a Chief. Boldness, hunger and determination cause people to follow. Berry has that. Berry’s a natural and fans trust what he says.
    With Berry, the Chiefs will be better in 2012.
    Good day, Chiefs fans!

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