• Mary Costanzo Schwaller: Is your hair horrorable?

  • Get it? Horrorable? It’s close to Halloween, and I made a scary hair joke.

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  • Get it? Horrorable? It’s close to Halloween, and I made a scary hair joke.
    But seriously folks, if you are having trouble getting your hairs tamed from summer, maybe it’s time you make a little extra effort to whip it into shape.
    The weather is getting cooler, and we will soon turn the furnaces on, drying not just the air, but our skin and hair with it. So here are some thoughts on how to get your beauty under control, so to speak.
    • Get a cut. Not just a tiny trim, but a decent haircut. Check to make sure your cut has not grown out of shape, then call your best cutter and discuss what will be good for you, your hair and the new season that is upon us.
    Remember that there is less humidity in the air to pop curls for curly headed girls. Just as important to remember is that long layers – or no layers on coarse, dry hair – can look like frizz bomb by the end of a grueling summer or a long stretch of seriously heavy color or highlights.
    • Deep clean. There are several professional deep cleaning (non stripping) salon services or retail products that will do wonders when it comes to removing excess product or chlorine buildup. Don’t forget your scalp as well. Now the palette is primed for rebuilding and re-energizing your hair!
    • Reconstruct with a deep protein-based treatment. This will add strength and help fill in the damaged areas of your hair shaft.
    • Moisturize with a mask. Many of the better product lines have a nice variety of home or salon treatments that will add luscious shine, inducing moisture to dry, brittle hair. Some of these are called moisturizing masks, and they work great without weighing your hair down.
    • Add some oil. There is a new breed of oils that are available to help lay down the outer cuticle and add shine and luster, amazingly without adding weight to your style. Some are called Moroccan oils, but my favorite is called Bassu oil, from our organic line, Surface. It can even be used on your skin as well. This lightweight oil doesn’t seem like much at first, but it really packs a punch when it comes to healing and adding moisture.
    I hope that these little bits of beauty information help you while you are trying to get your mane manageable for the fall and winter. Have a beautiful day!

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