School lunch menus for today and tomorrow.

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Independence elementary: Hamburger/bun, lettuce/tomato, onion/pickle, baked fries, green beans, pear.

Independence middle: Hot lunch: Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes/gravy. Grill: Meatball sub/chocolate chip cookie or chicken nuggets/baked confetti fries.

Independence high: Hot lunch: Chicken pot pie, mashed potatoes/gravy, Texas toast. Grill: Stuffed crust pizza/oatmeal raisin cookie or cheeseburger/baked steak fries.

Blue Springs K-5: Beef ravioli or beef stew, bread, spiced apples, corn.

Fort Osage: Beef ravioli, salad/dressing, Texas toast, peas, mixed fruit.

Grain Valley elementary: Mini corn dogs or egg roll, macaroni/cheese, broccoli florets, peaches.

Grain Valley secondary: Mini corn dogs, garden salad, macaroni/cheese, peaches.

Lee’s Summit elementary: Breakfast biscuit or cheese pizza wedges, tri-taters, California mixed vegetables, rosy pears.

Lee’s Summit middle: Cheese pizza wedges or chicken patty/bun, corn. Premier meal: Cheese stick/sauce.

Lee’s Summit high: Cheese pizza wedge or chicken patty/bun, California mixed vegetables. Premier meal: Popcorn chicken.

Raytown elementary: Barbecue chicken chips or hamburger, french fries, baked beans, blue raspberry applesauce.

Raytown middle: Chicken burrito or cheeseburger, baked chips, corn, mixed fruit.

Raytown high: Chicken burrito, hot dog or cheeseburger, glazed carrots, peaches, ice cream.


Independence elementary: Cheese pizza, steamed broccoli, peach yogurt, melon medley, chocolate chip cookie.

Independence middle: Hot lunch: Spaghetti/meatsauce, Texas toast. Grill: Breaded pork sandwich/baked nacho Doritos or barbecue rib/bun with baked fries.

Independence high: Hot lunch: Chicken nuggets, roll, mashed potatoes/gravy. Grill: Barbecue rib/baked beans or barbecue turkey sandwich/baked spicy fries.

Blue Springs K-5: Taco or beefy nachos, refried beans, Spanish rice, pears.

Fort Osage: Hot dog/bun, tater tots, baked beans, sherbet.

Grain Valley elementary: Meatball sub or ravioli/breadstick, peas/carrots, celery sticks, apple wedges.

Grain Valley secondary: Meatball sub, garden salad, peas/carrots, apple wedges.

Lee’s Summit elementary: Popcorn shrimp or beef ravioli, green beans, carrots/dip, pineapple.

Lee’s Summit middle: Chili or cheeseburger/bun and baked chips, cinnamon roll. Premier meal: Spicy chicken strips.

Lee’s Summit high: Macaroni/cheese or corn dog nuggets, green beans, bread. Premier meal: Chili/cheese wrap.

Raytown elementary: Beef ravioli or chicken taco salad, Mexicali vegetables, mandarin oranges, dessert fluff.

Raytown middle: Pancake wrap or cheese omelet, muffin, potato smiles, peaches.

Raytown high: Quesadilla, beef taco salad or chicken sandwich, Spanish rice, Mexicali vegetables, cinnamon apples.