• Tim Crone: Brett should at least stop excuses

  • All the talk in the past week has been about the Royals moving Hall of Famer George Brett into the position of hitting coach.

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  • All the talk in the past week has been about the Royals moving Hall of Famer George Brett into the position of hitting coach.
    I was really disappointed that the first move the struggling Royals made was not to fire the color man Rex Hudler (to be discussed at a later date). If you are a Hudler fan, please coach me up on how you do it.
    I am as upset as every other Royals fan with the lackluster performance of the team during May. Moving Brett into the dugout was a great strategic move for the organization at this time.
    Brett is the biggest sports figure in Kansas City history. The man was a great hitter, but more importantly, he was a great competitor and tremendous teammate. The entire team can benefit from his leadership and desire and ability to win. Who wouldn’t appreciate his comment that it is time for the players to get the bottles out of their mouths?
    I attended games during the Cardinal series and I was amazed at the ability of St. Louis to execute basic baseball to perfection. The past two summers I have spent a lot of time at the park watching our promising talent fail to follow through with just the little things that are so important to being a winner. They have struggled with hitting the cutoff man, which results in base runners advancing to an extra base.
    How about their failure to score runs time after time with a runner on third with one or no outs? I have not seen a run scored on a sacrifice fly in three weeks. The Royals have better-than-average team speed but, their baserunning is poor at best. For example, Sunday in Texas the Royals had the bases loaded twice in the second inning and they did not score a run.
    Everyone in town is a big Billy Butler fan. Granted he is a very good percentage hitter with 1,000 plus major league hits but let’s get real, he is a one-tool player, he has no arm and is at best adequate to poor in the field. Billy’s lack of speed kills the team time after time. If he hits a single, it takes at least two hits to drive him in unless someone goes long and we all know how unlikely that is. The guy is a human double play when he hits it on the ground. He is in the middle of the lineup, which bogs down the running game.
    Back to Brett, hopefully he can knock the walls down for our two best prospects, Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas. Everyone, including myself, has stated that these two guys are the cornerstone for the future. The bottom line is that both of these guys need to perform or all of our hopes for a brighter future are gone. Hosmer has been hitting around .270 with 1 homer and 14 RBIs and “Moose” has been hitting well below .200 with 4 homers and 12 RBIs.
    Page 2 of 2 - Brett is the only person the team can turn to for help. Both of these young players can field, throw and run. But, if you are a major league first or third baseman, you need to be able to hit and hit with power. Hosmer is starting to show signs of taking the ball the other way, but he has gone almost one full season without any signs of power. “Moose” is like a golfer with the SHANKS – he appears to have no clue at the plate.
    It is hard to watch two talented players who aren't hitting.
    The Royals organization did a great job of picking up starting pitchers who have done a good job overall. The bullpen has not lived up to all the hype but it’s still above average. If the team could score more than one run a game, it could be a much easier life for everyone.
    I guess you just have to be a tough sports fan to live in Kansas City. Every year we get our hearts broken. Perhaps George Brett can perform his magic and restore confidence to a team and organization that seems to have forgotten how to win. If he is able to pull it off he should be called St. George.
    I do believe that Brett will at least shake things up and will tell all the young players the truth instead of spewing about their potential for greatness. Royals fans, it is time for the TRUTH!
    n I hope the Chiefs coaching staff really is obtaining players who fit the team’s personality. We cannot take a 2-14 season after a frustrating summer.
    n Congrats to the Oak Grove High School baseball team. They had a great year that made the Kansas City area proud.
    n The Miami Heat is a great team but the players cry way too much throughout the game.
    n It has been a great year for Kansas State fans – conference champions in football, basketball and baseball.
    n My quote of the week comes from NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown: “One thing I learned in football is that you must have respect. It is not so important that people like you, but it is an absolute must that you have their respect.”

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