• Brown: Chiefs still wrestling with QB conundrum

  • On Thursday, Romeo Crennel and Scott Pioli reemphasized the need to bring in competition for Matt Cassel at starting quarterback.

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  • On Thursday, Romeo Crennel and Scott Pioli reemphasized the need to bring in competition for Matt Cassel at starting quarterback.
    According to Crennel and Pioli, the new offensive coordinator will have a say in which veteran or rookie quarterback is added to the roster. Crennel and Pioli are serious about having competition for Cassel.
    Besides Cassel, second-year player Ricky Stanzi is the only other quarterback under contract.
    Cassel has said that he doesn’t take his position for granted, that it shouldn’t be just given to him. Nice thing to say, but it doesn’t mean much with just Stanzi on the roster.
    The Peyton Manning situation is still brewing; it’s front-page news. Manning has said he doesn’t plan on retiring and that treatment is going well. People who know people who’ve had this procedure say Manning would be lucky to ride a roller coaster again let alone play football.
    The Kansas City Chiefs allowed 34 sacks last season and 32 in 2010; Manning is used to getting hit less often in Indianapolis.
    The fantasy falls short with there being a competition between Manning and Cassel. If the Chiefs were to pay Manning to come to Kansas City it wouldn’t be as backup. Manning would expect to be the starter, but at 36 and a bad neck to boot, I’m not sure Pioli’s looking down that road.
    It’d be fun, but the Chiefs would have to draft a quarterback to continue after Manning.
    Another player who might be available is Packers Matt Flynn.
    It was thought that the Green Bay Packers would put the franchise tag on Flynn, but with the Packers current salary cap it’s unlikely they’ll be able to keep him. If it happens, Flynn will be a free agent.
    Response over Flynn from Chiefs fans is mixed. Some say it was just one game, don’t buy into it.
    “Matt Flynn = Matt Cassel 2.0, might be Scott Mitchell 2.0 for that matter. Not worth it, IMO,” said a fan.
    Flynn had an amazing game against Detroit to finish the 2011 season. Flynn threw for six touchdowns and 480 yards. For Flynn’s four-year career, he has 1,019 yards and nine touchdowns.
    If Flynn becomes a free agent, someone will take a chance on him. Whether a first-round draft pick, an undrafted free agent rookie, or – in Flynn’s case – a backup quarterback, it all starts with a chance to start.
    For Kansas City fans tired of Cassel and not wanting to give him another chance, Flynn seems like a good option, but he’s not a veteran like Pioli and Crennel mentioned.
    There are only a few veterans out there, or a few I’d want as my starting quarterback. Drew Brees isn’t leaving New Orleans. San Francisco 49ers’ Alex Smith is happy in San Fran. Jason Campbell would be available, but I’m not thinking he’s better than Cassel. Donovan McNabb, forget about it!
    Page 2 of 2 - The rest just aren’t worth looking at, which leaves a Manning or a young guy like Flynn.
    The other option is the NFL Draft. Fans would love for Kansas City to make the big move for Robert Griffin III, but that would mean giving up draft picks and possibly a solid body for the offensive line. Is that what fans want, to wait on the offensive line?
    I’m not saying the answer for a quality tackle is in the first round, but it helps. Acquiring RG3 wouldn’t be cheap, it’d cost picks. He’d be the type of talent fans could deal with giving up extra for, but could Pioli?
    In an interview with NBC Action News’ Jack Harry, Pioli didn’t seem interested in giving up multiple draft picks on one guy, but experts said Pioli wouldn’t draft a safety as high as he took Eric Berry.
    I find the needs on the offensive line more pressing, even if it means Cassel remains the starting QB. And the opportunity to grab a solid OL is there in this year’s draft. With better protection Cassel is still an OK quarterback.
    The good news is Crennel said his choice for offensive coordinator is coming to an end, which means very soon!
    Good day, Chiefs fans!

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