• Don't fall for Obama's liberal nonsense

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  • To the editor:
    I would like to respond to John Heller’s letter on April 11. It is my belief that we live in two different countries. There is nothing about President Obama that is practical. He does not listen to Republicans, moderate Democrats, or Independents. He has not sent a budget to Congress in four years. If I hear the “tax the rich, everyone should pay their fair share, everyone deserves a fair shot, balanced approach” one more time, I may throw up. The affordable health care act is a failure. It is too complicated and expensive.
    Admit those facts and then move on to massive spending, weak foreign policy, immigration issues, problems in the attorney general’s office, shovel-ready jobs, and people used as props each time he makes a speech.
    Mr. Heller, do you watch a variety of television news programs, listen to more than one radio station? Do you understand unemployment, food stamps, poverty entitlement programs, all of which equals 40 cents of each federal dollar spent, is borrowed, fraudulent and wasteful?
    How in this wide, wide world can anyone think the president is doing a great job? I am getting to be an old duffer. I am 79 years old and have lived under 13 presidents and am a veteran who has fought in two wars. I am not a complete NRA redneck, have two masters degrees and an entire lifetime of experience. I am not sure what university you attend, but if you have not graduated, ask for your money back. You have been exposed to a lot of liberal BS. Learn the true facts and do not solely rely on what the liberal media tries to pass off as truth, then actually think for yourself.

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