• This old hat

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  • This old hat is undoubtedly mine,
    for we have seen rain,
    and we have seen shine,
    we have seen darkness,
    and we have seen light,
    the dust turned you brown,
    and the snow made you white.
    Me and my hat are two old friends,
    we know every crease,
    and we know every bend,
    it's always on top,
    and I down below,
    and it will go with me,
    wherever I go.
    Now if this ole hat could tell a tale,
    it would tell of winds
    that blew harder than hell,
    of how it stayed on,
    and it never left,
    of how it has passed
    this old cowboy's test.
    Yes, this ole hat perched upon my head,
    shall stay where it's at,
    until I'm dead,
    so bury it with me,
    even though I'm not livin,
    I want to show it
    the cowboys in heaven,
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