• Stephen Brown: Bowe’s case is rarely black and white

  • “I’m done with the whole Bowe situation,” said one Chiefs fan. “Loyalty and humility is rare in today’s NFL. I wouldn’t be in the business of keeping those who don’t want to be kept. If Bowe was consistent, I’d be barking up Pioli’s tree, but he’s not.”

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  • “I’m done with the whole Bowe situation,” said one Chiefs fan. “Loyalty and humility is rare in today’s NFL. I wouldn’t be in the business of keeping those who don’t want to be kept. If Bowe was consistent, I’d be barking up Pioli’s tree, but he’s not.”
    A black-and-white announcement from a fed up Chiefs fan. If Bowe was more consistent, it’d be a different statement. There are more than a few who think this way.
    Bowe’s not as steady as all would like, but Bowe is the best receiver Kansas City has on the roster. Some think second-year receiver Jonathan Baldwin could be as good as or better than Bowe.
    But that’s an if on Baldwin. With expectations high in 2012, how many want to gamble on Baldwin?
    What I don’t see is a united front behind Dwayne Bowe. When Tamba Hali battled over his contract, every fan wanted Hali. I don’t see that same support for Bowe. If Scott Pioli had let Hali walk, I think fans would have permanently rejected Pioli.
    If it doesn’t work between Bowe and Kansas City, I don’t think the majority of fans would hold it against Pioli. Pioli could survive it. Pioli didn’t pick Bowe. There’s the possibility Bowe isn’t a Pioli guy.
    With Denver signing kicker Matt Prater to a four-year extension, Bowe is the last unresolved franchised player in the AFC West.
    Bowe is Kansas City’s best receiver. That’s a fact. Bowe isn’t the best in the NFL, but I feel he’s the best in the AFC West.
    Bowe does well when the team thrives and I feel Kansas City will roll in 2012.
    July 15 is the deadline for any franchised players to sign a long-term extension or else they must play out the season under the $9.5 million franchised amount for receivers in 2012.
    I have gripes against Bowe, but if the price is right I’d like Bowe in Kansas City. Even though he’s starting his sixth season, I saw growth in 2011.
    We’ll see…
    Happy belated Independence Day! There’s a lot to be grateful for as an American.
    As a Chiefs fan, there’s plenty to be thankful for too. This year looks a whole lot more promising than the last several. It’s been a while since Arrowhead has looked this bright.
    Training camp starts July 28 in St. Joseph. That’s less than three weeks away. I have some things I’m pleased with before training camp starts.
    I didn’t know what to think about Kansas City hiring Romeo Crennel at first. I was thinking younger, maybe somebody new – but older? The more I heard about Crennel from the players the better I understood just how much the players respect him – how much the players want to win for him.
    Page 2 of 3 - I trust the ones playing the game. So I too have bought into Crennel.
    Despite his age, Crennel brings decades of experience, know-how, patience, and respect. Crennel isn’t a blowhard, egomaniac, showoff, poser or pretender. Crennel has shown with this defense and with his work at other places he’s been that he gets men to follow.
    Crennel won’t be the one catching the ball, running the ball, intercepting the ball or rallying his teammates on the field, but it starts with Crennel. Before training camp begins, I’m excited for Crennel.
    I’m pleased with the leadership that’s developed on the team. I’ve seen the growth and how certain players have taken their place. Derrick Johnson is one; Johnson has evolved into a leader.
    One reason Pioli acquired Mike Vrabel from the New England Patriots was to bring actual player experience to the Chiefs – players that have a familiarity with winning. Vrabel influenced Johnson. The Chiefs had talented players but lacked knowledge and tested leaders.
    A leader has to be confident. Others follow because they believe in that person too. It’s not about showing off or creating a nickname, but leaders honestly see the bigger picture. It’s about team.
    In 2010, I saw signs of a team believing in itself.
    There was a synergy and chemistry brewing in 2010. Not complete or 100 percent sure – Jamaal Charles said there was doubt even against the Baltimore Ravens at Arrowhead in the playoffs.
    Today, because of Johnson and players like Hali, there’s more salt-and-pepper to the roster. Leadership is present where it was missing before.
    I’m pleased with Scott Pioli. I brag on Pioli, but I see what he’s doing. I don’t hold 2009 against him like some. Just like the players, Pioli has gotten his legs under him and good things are happening. I see success coming. Positive change is happening.
    Lastly, I’m thankful for Chiefs fans.
    I’m encouraged by a fan base that hasn’t quit. Most teams that haven’t won a Super Bowl in more than 40 years don’t have this sort of devoted following. Fans don’t let the “process” change their thinking. Fans are at the heart of the matter in Kansas City, at Arrowhead the 12th man is the X-factor.
    Kansas City fans are the best fans in the NFL. I’m partial, but if I looked hard enough I know I could find the stats to back it up.
    I’m hopeful for 2012. Something about this season tells me it’ll make the wait worth it. That hanging on as a Chiefs fan isn’t in vain.
    Enjoy the rest of your Fourth of July weekend. Camp is fast approaching and so is the 2012 season. Get your game face on!
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