The following are award winners of the 2010 Annual Blue Springs Fine Art Show and Blue Springs Student Art Show at the Awards Reception on March 20 at Vesper Hall.

The following are award winners of the 2010 Annual Blue Springs Fine Art Show and Blue Springs Student Art Show at the Awards Reception on March 20 at Vesper Hall.

Best of Show winners and the first place winners from each category are on display at Blue Springs City Hall until April 16.

Blue Springs Student Art Show:
Best of Show – Lindsey Stroms, Blue Springs High School, self-portrait series
Sponsors’ Choice  – Kevin St. Germain, Blue Springs South High School, Majestic Night
People’s Choice – Gabrielle Myers, Freshman Center, Koko

Blue Springs High School
1st Place – Bryson Hosmann, Stars
2nd Place – Cheyenne Cook, Animated Drawing
3rd Place – Lindsey Storms, House Pictures
Honorable Mention – Garrett Roach, Zac and Justis

Blue Springs South High School
1st Place – Kaitlin Allison, Please Recycle
2nd Place – Gretchen Kucera, Taste the World
3rd Place – Christa Hower, Cupcakes
Honorable Mention – Shannon Duggan, Introspect

Valley View High School
1st Place – Jordan Thatcher, Untitled (Transition)
2nd Place – Ashley Tils, Safari Trip
3rd Place – Ashley Tils, Lila Dan
Honorable Mention - Krista Doelling, Untitled

Freshman Center
1st Place – Gabrielle Myers, Koko
2nd Place – Mario Nigro, Lion Scratchboard
3rd Place – Jayke Britt, Park Scene
Honorable Mention – Taryn Bradley, Hollow Man

Blue Springs 2010 Fine Art Show:
Best of Show
1st Place –Carole Gray, Isabel
2nd Place – Mary A. Young, Grandma’s Iris
3rd Place – Gloria Davisson, Reflections
Photography – Brian Hoover, Closed for the Season

People’s Choice Art
1st Place –Carole Gray, Isabel       
2nd Place – Felicia Roth, Tango in the Night
3rd Place – Donna Thomas, Gray Days
Photography – Dustin Weant, The Many Faces of Otto

Animal / Wildlife
1st Place – John Ulett, Lucky - My Buddy
2nd Place – Mary A. Young, Gentle Breeze
3rd Place – Gloria Davisson, Wild Horses
Honorable Mention – Teddy Jackson, Hackney’s Return
Honorable Mention – Donna Thomas, Gray Days

1st Place – Emory Dillon, Behind the Barn
2nd Place – Joyce Barnhard, Springtime
3rd Place – Cindy Winfrey, Charles M. Russell
Honorable Mention – Emory Dillon, Painted Ponys
Honorable Mention – Faye Weant, The Worst Day of Fishing…
Honorable Mention – Faye Weant, A Soldier Comes Home

Mixed Media
1st Place – Ann Trask, Joey
2nd Place – Trish Bellington, Fly Catcher Fledglings
3rd Place – Sherry McConnell-Halfast, Tuscan Villa
Honorable Mention – Deane L. McMillian, What’s Out There
Honorable Mention – Edie Kerr, Blue Vase
Honorable Mention – Amy Moyer, Mend

1st Place – Donna Thomas, Obsession No. 1
2nd Place – Elsie Hensley, Ghosts of the West
3rd Place – Joyce Veazey, Ghost Ship
Honorable Mention – Pat Pummill Betteridge, Contemplation     
Honorable Mention – Joyce Veazey, My Quiet Place
Honorable Mention – Jim Ryon, Gore Creek, Colorado

1st Place – Sue Totton, Slice of Orange
2nd Place – Pat Pummill Betteridge, Skyward Energy 
3rd Place – Laura Kratz, Fall Cove
Honorable Mention – Mary Lou McLagan, Serenity
Honorable Mention – Sue Totton, Busy Bee
Honorable Mention – Sharon Allen, Berries and Pepa
Photography - Standard
1st Place – Sharon Takade, Light and Shadow
2nd Place – Jackie Richard, White Silence
3rd Place – Carolyn Fox, On the Water
Honorable Mention – Lee Kirchhoff, Let There Be Light 2
Honorable Mention – Tom Mallot, A Quiet Place

Photography - Enhanced
1st Place – Carolyn Fox, Rhrapsody
2nd Place – Terri Morris, Rustic Bridge in Autumn
3rd Place – Terri Morris, Snowy Sunset
Honorable Mention – Linda Kolie, Colorful Autumn

1st Place – Joyce Barnhard, Madelyn
2nd Place – Jim Dunnaway, Innocence
3rd Place – Mary Lou McLagan, Bob and I
Honorable Mention – Katherine M. Martinez, Marilyn
Honorable Mention – Gail Ishmael, Toby in Snow

1st Place – Glen L. Friend, Aspen Passage
2nd Place – John Reighley, Noah’s Ark
3rd Place – Daniel Randall, Original Jackson County Courthouse
Honorable Mention – Michael Davis, Waterfall Bubinga
Honorable Mention – Kevin Williamson, Redbud Rhapsody
Honorable Mention – Glen L. Friend, Wildlife Condo

1st Place – Barry Teghtmeyer, Branches
2nd Place – Sheila Ross Edwards, Ruffled Iris
3rd Place – Darryl Trulin, Picker’s Perspective
Honorable Mention – Sharon Hammond, Winter Night
Honorable Mention – Sharrel Allen, Lady With a Hat
Honorable Mention – Gayle