State inspection reveals violations at Blue Springs home.

A Blue Springs woman with a home child-care business may see her license revoked by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. 

Cheryl Maher, 2502 N. Fourth St., Blue Springs, was notified by the state agency on July 17 of an intent to revoke her license, which was first issued on June 29, 1990.

According to the notice of revocation from the department, the intent to revoke is based on an incident of physical discipline; an admission to speaking to another child in a threatening manner; leaving hazardous items within reach of children and failing to serve meals as required. 

The alleged incidents are part of more than two dozen rules violations stemming from complaints and inspections since 1992.

Troy Pharr, public information officer for the Blue Springs Police Department, said no charges have been filed against Maher. He  said police have gone to the home in the past to investigate but no wrongdoing was discovered.

However, Pharr said police responded to a Duncan Road home on Wednesday morning in reference to a 3-year-old boy who had been molested, allegedly while he was at the day care.

“Police are investigating,” Pharr said.

In 1992, police investigated a complaint that Maher inappropriately touched a young boy, but no charges were filed, according to Pharr. In 1994, policed investigated the death of young child at the Fourth Street home. Pharr said no charges arose from that incident, either.

While the medical examiner’s report could not be located, Pharr said police most likely ruled the death as SIDS.

Documents from the department show that Maher admitted to “popping” a 2-year-old child in the mouth in May. During an investigation by the department that month, Maher reportedly admitted to telling a child that if the child did not behave, she was “not going to want you here anymore. You’re going to have to go to another day care.”

In June, department investigators discovered that Maher was not serving breakfast to all children present; was failing to feed children at regular four-hour intervals, and was withholding milk until a child finished all of the food on the plate.

During the same June investigation, department officials found that the latch on the door between the kitchen and laundry room was not secured. After having discovered a propane tank on the kitchen counter, officials found several items in the laundry room, including paint cans, cleaning fluids, detergent. The door to the clothes dryer was also open, according to documents.

In addition, Maher’s license was placed in probation in 2003 and 2004 due to violations of licensing rules. Maher had received a letter of censure for violating regulations in 2000 as well.

Kimberly Springer, spokesperson for the department, said Maher’s license will expire Thursday and will not be renewed based on the fact that disciplinary action is pending.

“That’s not to say we won’t give her a fair hearing,” Springer said. “She will be given that right.”

Maher filed on July 24 for a hearing, which Springer said would likely be scheduled for next year.

Maher could not be reached for comment Wednesday afternoon.