Oh boy, the Midwest weather has ushered in a silly start to spring.

Oh boy, the Midwest weather has ushered in a silly start to spring.

The silliest of all was the snowfall on the first official day of spring, don’t you think?

None the less it’s here and eventually we can look forward to sunnier days and warmer weather.

I don’t know about you, but I am eager for at least more sunshine.

So, today this column will be about adding a little sunshine to your hair!

That might just help us all feel better about the gloomy weather, and usher in some spring-like sparkle!

Here is a list of things  you can do to jazz up your locks this season:

Try a new styling oil

These come in all types of densities for different types of hair.

All while adding shine, smoothing frizzies, and conditioning you hair.

Do ask your favorite stylist which one is best for you.


Adding a few or a whole bunch will ward away the dreary winter dullness that your hair color might have taken on.

Remember highlights can be done in a multitude of ways to create all kinds of effects. Get a plan of action with your favorite colorist.

Color glaze

This is a semi-permanent color process that can simply add shine to your hair that lasts for 4-6 weeks, or you can add pigment to include richness.

It’s fun, affordable, delicate on your hair and usually conditioning as well.

We use Redken’s  Shades EQ line and love, love, love it!



 This is an in salon service that can add strength and moisture back into your hair.

There are several treatments your hairdresser can choose from, and they can last in your hair for 3-4 weeks.

This does not mean you should not condition your hair at home, but it will really sooth, smooth and shine your mane!

These treatments also help lock in your hair color, so it does not fade as quickly. a

     These suggestions are all fabulous ways to beat the winter dull drums and get yourself ready for spring and summer.

Give them some thought, and while your thinking don’t forget to book your pedicure appointment before you break out your flippy floppies!

Have a beautiful day!