A poem by B.J. Noltensmeyer.

There comes a time, when trees are bare,

And flowers grow not, – anymore;

Sometimes it snows, kids at play,

And Seasons have changed; as before!

Oh yes, there’s Holidays, folks do like,

‘Tis Thanksgiving and Christmas, the way;

To grandma’s house, some do go,

Most surely, it makes the day!

Tho’ much traffic does continue on,

Despite bad weather and so,

The days are short – nights are long,

Gives more time – to learn and know!

Skyscrapers have snow on tops aglow,

When it falls from above to below;

The Businesses busy scooping walkways,

For convenience of people and so!

So, Winter has – its good and bad,

And Spring – is a welcome to see;

‘Tis Winter time o’er, – as before,

And many stories of Winter, that be!