• Cartoon missed the point on president

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  • To the editor:
    I have to comment on the cartoon that ran recently, showing “President Obama’s March madness bracket” with each blank on the paper having been filled in with the words “My Way.” You know, it’s possible to have a difference of opinion with a person regarding certain matters, but anyone who thinks of the president as a bullying dictator, as many conservatives claim, is wrong.
    Obama is a practical man who operates in the center, and he tries harder to please Republicans than Democrats. Just look at the negotiations over the Affordable Care Act (sneeringly labeled as Obamacare by someone who probably works for Fox News). Obama included the GOP at meetings (while universal care supporters had to claw just to get invited to a meeting where they would be ignored); asked what a bill would need to include for Republicans to vote for it; and generally gave them that, only to have Republicans shoot it down.
    Regarding health care, that happened more than once. Obama gets similar resistance and (lack of) action on other issues, over which he has aimed for middle ground. This posturing and arm-folding is the M.O. that Missouri Republicans have used when it comes to increasing access to health care in our state. Never mind that an M.U. study says expanding Medicaid will create jobs and revenue, and that rural hospitals are begging the legislature to accept federal Medicaid funds for fear that they’ll have to close. Other Republican governors will be practical and take the funding, but Missouri’s Republicans want to prove a point instead.
    This is the world that too many conservatives live in, where a moderate president is viewed as a fascist dictator and studies are ignored, all for the purpose of posturing. Meanwhile, people of all political persuasions suffer without results that help us all.

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