• Tim Crone: Tepesch a role model worth admiring

  • In this day and age “role model” is used loosely to describe many famous people.

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  • In this day and age “role model” is used loosely to describe many famous people.
    We spend little time truly defining what that actually means. We know it seems to be prestigious, but who exactly lives up to it? Measure tends to be by wealth, fame or power.
    A role model may have those attributes, but merely as a byproduct of the character that goes into being a role model. A role model may have certain abilities, but talent alone is not the gauge.
    Factors such as developing a goal and dedicating yourself to that goal become an important part of reaching the title of role model. A role model has the willingness to be dedicated and a work ethic to reach to the top.
    Someone who I think has reached that status is a local boy from Eastern Jackson County who made good.
    Blue Springs graduate Nick Tepesch is the No. 5 starter for the Texas Rangers. He has experienced early success at the major-league level and we are all excited to witness his success.
    Nick is a young man who IS a role model and lives up to the definition. He has been interviewed nationally and has appeared on ESPN and many other media outlets. He is sought after for his autograph.
    The real story behind Nick’s success is the God-given talent which he has been blessed with. Nick had a relentless dedication to a goal developed as a young boy and he never let off of the accelerator. His goal was always to play at the major-league level.
    He had the ability and, more importantly, the drive to achieve his dreams. Beginning his sophomore year at Blue Springs High School, Nick would arrive in the weight room every morning at 5:30 a.m. to train. He did everything he could throughout his high school years to improve his baseball skills. Dedication was Nick’s middle name. His character and team spirit are what set him apart from most others.
    These were still not the only qualities that set Nick apart from most everyone else. The testimonials in The Examiner about Nick from his fellow players and coaches speak volumes about his greatness. We had many great athletes during my years at Blue Springs High School, but I have seen very few who were more driven than this hard-throwing right-hander.
    People either get it or they don’t. Nick got it from Day 1!
    Another role-model characteristic is to be humble in actions and deeds. Nick has always owned that characteristic. He was the star his senior year on the 2007 Blue Springs state championship team, but he will only tell you how great his teammates were and how he loved playing on that team.
    The same holds true for his success with the local American Legion team, the Blue Springs Rod's Sports A’s, and at the University of Missouri. Every one of Nick’s teammates speak about his ability as a player AND his ability to always put the team first. Obviously, he had a great family who taught him the importance of work ethic, character, integrity and human dignity.
    Page 2 of 2 - He also had great coaches who reinforced the teachings of his family. I hope young athletes in the area will look in their own backyard to find a true role model – Nick Tepesch. He is a living example of a guy who really does get it
    n The Masters was totally outstanding! Adam Scott and Angel Cabrera put on a show of clutch play. It has been a great spring – first the NCAA Tournament and now the Masters. It has helped to soften the effects of our terrible spring weather.
    n The Royals' pitching is keeping them in games but Mike Moustakas, Eric Hosmer, and Jeff Francoeur have to start hitting – otherwise to be over .500 might just be another fan’s dream.
    n The NBA Playoffs start Saturday. I think the Miami Heat is a shoe-in to win back-to–back championships.
    n Look for some of the local boys and girls track teams to finish high in the state track meet in Jefferson City in May.
    n My quote of the day is from American educator, Charles Sawyer: “Of all the forces that make for a better world, none is so indispensable, none so powerful, as hope. Without hope men are only half alive. With hope they dream and think and work.”

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