• Congress woefully fails to do its job

  • Nine percent – think about this for a minute, or just 5.19 seconds.

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  • To the editor:
    Nine percent – think about this for a minute, or just 5.19 seconds.
    Let’s assume for a minute that this coming season the Chiefs only win 9 percent of their games. Do you think something would be said at any social gathering? What about at work, or Sunday as church was letting out, maybe even around the supper table? You know this would be an ongoing, much-discussed topic. Which team members were not pulling their weight, what about the coaching staff, maybe even the ownership? A lot of questions and probably a multitude of answers. But one thing for sure, I know that this would be a much discussed hot topic in the KC area!
    Now let’s look at another topic, our U.S. legislators. I have heard on the news that Congress has an approval rating between 9 and 11 percent. This did not just happen this week. Do you hear any comments on this subject at any of the areas I mentioned in the preceding paragraph? If so, was it a real discussion or just a passing comment, in the form of a joke. Quite frankly it has become a joke, but what is sad is that the joke is on us. We have allowed this to go on unchecked.
    The sequester is a joke. We are talking about cutting 2.47 percent from the proposed increase in the U.S. budget! I think that it is time for each of us to start being more aggressive and write each of our representatives and senators and bluntly tell them to get busy or we are going to vote them out! This is term limits in action.

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