Bonnie Honeywell

To the editor:
Homeowners and Lafarge, a never-ending battle! Well, here we go again. It’s summer, and we are waiting to be notified once again that Lafarge is going to apply for a blasting permit for the Cedar Crest Dairy area.

In a recent article in The Examiner, the manager of the Lafarge operation at Missouri 291 and Kentucky Road said there might be layoffs if the company was not granted a permit to blast on the Cedar Crest area and that it employs 107 people. The company employs seven people, and they could be absorbed by another location.

I cannot feel bad that their business is down. Every business owner has lost money during this economic down time, but they are not trying to blast in residential areas with homes, where about 1,500 people are affected. There are schools, nursing homes and many homes.

We have asked Lafarge to move its operation to the bottom land it already owns to operate with no further bother from homeowners. It would still be within Sugar Creek city limits. That did not seem to interest the company. I know there is revenue for Sugar Creek, but I don’t think those good people want money that way.

The owner of Lafarge is sitting in France making millions and gutting our natural resources and leaving an unsightly mess in our neighborhood.

When the company applies again, we hope Sugar Creek planning will do the right thing and deny the permit as it has in the past, and then the aldermen will do the same.