To the editor:
While I do not live in District 3, I do support City Council candidate Michael W. Freeman.
Michael will ask tough questions when they need to be asked. He believes in a transparent government, one that is open and honest in its business dealings, and one in which city leaders are fiscally responsible. He believes in this city, and the only thing he personally wishes to gain by running is a better Blue Springs for all of us.

He is passionate about the growth of our city, outspoken on his beliefs and honest with his plan. We need someone like Michael on the council, one to offer a level-headed, facts-based, unbiased opinion. As an educator, I am very concerned about city governments offering tax incentives to businesses. Michael understands that this tax increment financing robs our school system of much needed tax revenue.

A candidate in my district is proposing a city property tax incentive for potential home buyers. One of the main reasons people want to live in Blue Springs is our highly rated schools, but offering a property tax incentive to buyers would be detrimental to a school district that is facing a large loss of state funding and lost tax income due to the decline in our property values. 

Michael Freeman understands that we need to preserve what makes Blue Springs great and make smart decisions to make it even better. I urge the residents of Blue Springs to get the facts on all the candidates and get out and vote on April 6.