• Stephen Brown's Chief Concerns: Fans now rooting for Chiefs to lose to win

  • Not crying over spilled milk – not doing that. This season is what it is. I had expectations.

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  • Not crying over spilled milk – not doing that. This season is what it is. I had expectations.
    Not the Super Bowl. I knew better, but I anticipated things like the playoffs, a division, 10 wins, a top defense and a much better offense with Jamaal Charles and Peyton Hillis running over everybody.
    Yeah, I envisioned more. Not sure in what order or the exact numbers, but thought the Chiefs would compete this season.
    Not happening. Instead Kansas City shares with the 1929 Buffalo Bisons the longest stretch without holding a lead in a regular season game.
    “Coming into this season I was probably more excited than I have been in a very long time," said a fan. “Everything looked primed and ready to go. Lightning and thunder in the backfield, Kevin Boss to team up with Tony Moeaki in double tight end sets. Dwayne Bowe and a soon-to-be star, Jon Baldwin. With all those weapons there was no way Matt Cassel could fail. I was so wrong. The only thing I didn’t like was Stanford Routt replacing Brandon Carr. Man, I was so hyped! Now I just feel suckered. Silly me! Never again will I allow myself to be fooled like this. I learned my lesson for sure! Still love my Chiefs though!”
    Suckered? That describes it. So what’s next? What do fans cheer for with the rest of the season?
    Not slamming Save Our Chiefs, but their web page is solely about Scott Pioli – some Matt Cassel and Romeo Crennel, but mostly about firing Pioli. That’s the main topic.
    Is this season now about cheering for Kansas City to lose to rid the Chiefs of Pioli? I asked the question to fans.
    “Why shouldn’t we try to lose,” said one fan. “The season is over. We have no chance of winning the division or even making the playoffs. I think it’s time to start thinking about next season and more importantly our draft order. Football is like chess, you need a good strategy and losing now in hopes for winning later sounds like a good strategy.”
    “At this point honestly I am not sure what to cheer for,” said another fan. “Yes I love the team but I believe as everyone else the problem is at the top. Change it, Get our team back to where they deserve to be, for themselves the fans…we need HEART back.”
    Many hate cheering against the Chiefs, goes against being a fan, but fans are desperate. They want a message sent to Clark Hunt. They want a change.
    “I never cheer to lose, but this team, coaches and front office (in my opinion) need to be embarrassed and dismantled,” said a fan. “The fan base deserves better and maybe being humiliated will get it done.”
    Page 2 of 2 - Sunday is supposed to be “Blackout Arrowhead” against the Cincinnati Bengals with fans wearing black, a symbol of mourning. At 1-8 the best Kansas City can do is .500, way short of what was projected. With the Broncos at 6-3, there’s no contending for Kansas City, it’s over in that way.
    But how fans choose to finish the season is a different story.
    Those cheering a win are getting few, it seems, but those seeing losing as a way to vanish what’s wrong is on the rise.
    Fans are just starting to kick and scream. Talking to Marty McDonald of SOC, I realized his group is organized and has staying power. Their cause is rooted with lots of backing, not a simple fan uprising.
    SOC’s Facebook page hit 13,000 likes and their Twitter account has at least 100,000 followers. They have other fans from other teams contacting them asking how they can do the same in their city.
    Chiefs football is a big deal to fans.
    Important enough that a fan would cheer a loss looking for change? Yep. Sad, but that’s what this season has become. Sunday, with fans wearing black hoodies, it will be more about getting Pioli fired instead of beating the Bengals.
    I didn’t see it coming. Not agreeing with Save Our Chiefs completely, but you’d be blind not to recognize a big change is needed.
    Good day, Chiefs fans!

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