August 10th is the 192nd anniversary of statehood for Missouri. Missouri became a territory on June 4, 1812. As the population increased by 1817 to 40,000, petitions, or Memorials for Statehood, were sent out. John Scott, the Missouri territorial delegate, presented Congress with the petition in January 1818. It was sent to committee but not acted on.

A second Memorial was sent in February 1819 from the Territorial Legislature. A bill was written, this time with Mr. James Talmadge, Jr. placing an amendment concerning slavery. Although this bill passed in the House, it failed in the Senate. The question came up again in December 1819. Finally, in March 1820, the Missouri Compromise was reached.

The bill authorized a constitutional convention with delegates from all counties. President James Monroe proclaimed Missouri as the twenty-fourth state on August 10, 1821. Our first governor was Alexander McNair, who ran against the territorial governor, William Clark. Platte purchase would be added in 1836.

Candy N.
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