The level of competition remains a point of contention at the high school and college levels.

The level of competition remains a point of contention at the high school and college levels.

For instance, are non-BCS college teams like TCU and Boise State really as good as a Southeastern Conference team who plays tough teams every week?

Or is a Heisman Trophy candidate with stats earned in a weak schedule really better than a candidate with weaker stats who plays a really strong schedule?

At the high school level, teams are ranked high due to an undefeated status in a weak league while others may drop out of the rankings all together due to a loss or two in a very strong league. The debate of the best player gets even trickier. I have argued for years that it is impossible to evaluate performance unless the competition is exactly the same.

Talk show hosts would be out of business if the debate didn’t rage on each season. The only true way to prove who’s on top is with a level playing field. Professional teams always match up with top teams sometime during the regular season and, of course, the playoffs consist of the best of the best.

It is much better for teams and individuals to play the highest level of competition. It allows the opportunity to push to the maximum level of ability and to reach dream goals. Teams should push out of their comfort zones and accept challenges from teams that will test their mettle – and confidence will soar.

- It is way past time for the Missouri State High School Activities Association to seed the high school football state playoffs. Case  in point – Rockhurst over Fort Zumwalt West 42-6!

- With a playoff system, it is possible that the University of Central Missouri and Northwest Missouri State could match up in a national quarterfinal game.

- The crowds at Arrowhead Stadium seem to have lost their old fire. There were a lot of empty seats the last two home games.

- Kansas City hosted the college basketball opener with Kansas State, Marquette, Duke and Gonzaga in the CBE Classic. I hope we are able to draw those type of teams every year.

- My quote of the week is from five-time Olympic gold medalist Don Schollander: “I enjoy doing things that people don’t think I can do. I like proving them wrong. I like the individual challenge.”