Thanksgiving’s come and gone, and soon it’ll be Christmas. How quickly the year went, but soon I’ll be saying the same about the season.

Thanksgiving’s come and gone, and soon it’ll be Christmas. How quickly the year went, but soon I’ll be saying the same about the season.

I hate to see it go, but at the same time I’m anxious about the Kansas City Chiefs and the prospect of winning the division. That hasn’t happened since 2003.

As a fan I have reasons to be thankful. For starters, instead of being 3-7 after 10 games like last year, in 2010 the Chiefs are 6-4 and leading the division. Matt Cassel has 2,074 passing yards, 18 passing touchdowns and just four interceptions. Cassel is tied for eighth in the NFL in passing touchdowns. Last season Cassel had moments, but offensive coordinator Charlie Weis has helped Cassel.

I could roll out several more motivations, but I’m not greedy. Thanksgiving was two days ago, and I’ve seen ample fans with something good to say about the Chiefs.

“I’m thankful to the great Lamar Hunt,” said Christi. “I appreciate what Lamar brought to football. I’m thankful to teams in the past that’s brought us great excitement and memories to the present team who has brought us hope and a brand new fire. To the TRUE fans, who through thick and thin have stuck, and I’m also thankful to the players that not only appreciate the fans, but support their communities as well!”

“I’m thankful for the vast improvement in our team that the Hunt family and Scott Pioli have made possible,” said a fan from the Chiefs’ official Facebook fan page.

I could list several more, but the first response does a great job of lumping it all together. In a nutshell fans love what they’re seeing in the Chiefs. Honestly, with the exception of few, there isn’t one deviation they’d take with the path the Chiefs are on, including Coach Todd Haley. With just 35 days until Christmas, all is jolly in Chief land.

HALI GIVES BACK: Tamba Hali’s Living Under the Shadow Foundation deserves more than a mention, because with football it’s often about the wins, losses, stats and numbers. But when players give back, it’s important.

The Saturday before Thanksgiving, Hali was at Sheffield Family Life Center handing out turkey dinners. Hali paid for 300 meals, and each meal was probably enough for up to four people. Hali stayed until the very last person was through shaking hands, taking pictures and giving autographs. The big smile never left his face.

Hali understands hungry, but Hali also remembers living in a wilderness to avoid gunfire. Hali and his foundation, along with Sheffield Family Life Center, did what they could to help some just before Thanksgiving.

It’s been said that it’s better to give than to receive. When a player does more than what’s expected on the field or in the locker room, it should be noted. Hali loved the experience, but he’d tell you he also has a lot to be thankful for.

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS: The Chiefs’ next opponent has something to play for. The Seattle Seahawks (5-5) are also leading their division by one game over the St. Louis Rams (4-6). Both the Chiefs and Seahawks are looking at must-win type games to keep the division lead, especially for the Chiefs with the Oakland Raiders (5-5) and San Diego Chargers (5-5) just a game behind.

The Seahawks aren’t as bad as the Arizona Cardinals, but they’re not going to be easy. Still, I see a beatable team on the road for the Chiefs. There are flaws for the Chiefs to take advantage of, but it’s on the road. Every team in the AFC West has just one win on the road, so winning away from home is tough for everyone. It has been for the Chiefs, but besides the Denver Broncos, every game the Chiefs have lost has been close. The Chiefs have lost their four games with an average margin of 9.3 points.

The Chiefs have been used to running, but the Seahawks allow just 105 rushing yards a game, while the Chiefs allow 104. This could be a golden opportunity for both Matt Cassel and Dwayne Bowe to continue their touchdown scoring ways, because the Seahawks are 30th in the league against the pass, allowing 283 yards a game. Cassel’s on pace to finish the year with 28 TDs, which would be the most since Len Dawson threw a franchise-record 30 TD passes in 1964.

What the Chiefs have been doing very well is committing a league-low 11 turnovers and very few penalties. Mistake free football can cover a lot when it comes to what you don’t have as a team. Talent is good, but being a smart football team is what wins. When it comes to total offense, running the ball, passing the ball, total defense, run defense, pass defense, turnover ratio, points per game and how much you allow the other team to score, the Chiefs win out in every one.

All that’s left is for them to take the magic they showed against the Arizona Cardinals to the road and win. Winning on the road is another mark of being a good team. Until they do that, Haley won’t say it and we can’t honestly claim it. But man do I want to!

Good day, Chief fans!