To the editor:

Thank you, Erin Burroughs, and your Committee to Preserve Independence Bus Transit for your efforts on behalf of those citizens who depend on public transportation (The Examiner, Feb. 18, “Independence must reverse reductions of bus service”).

It is a shame that the city “powers that be” see public transportation as a burden. Imagine the beneficial results to us all if, instead, they found a way to make the service the absolute best it could be – exceptional enough that it could be considered (and promoted) as best in the county – or even best in the state.

Independence could become “the” place to move to. Just think how folks whose livelihood depended on reliable public transportation would soon fill up the many empty houses. Property owners would benefit, merchants would benefit, utility companies and services would benefit, and ultimately the city coffers would benefit.

It looks to me like an enhanced transportation system could benefit the city much more than a (tax-burdening) arena or other expensive, TIF-based (unaffordable to many) projects.

Keep up the good work, Erin Burroughs. It is a shame your efforts are necessary.