Curt  Dougherty is the incumbent Democrat in the 54rd Missouri House District.

 1 Why do you want to be a state representative?

I personally enjoy helping people. It is a challenge to be able to cut red tape or untangle a difficult situation that results in something good happening. People get so frustrated with state government sometimes and they need someone who will go to bat for them.

2 If re-elected, what would you make your legislative priorities in the next term?

Additional tougher laws on the illegal immigration problem facing the state. This problem must be addressed. I will continue my work on medical malpractice insurance laws to keep our doctors from leaving the state. I have been chosen to serve on a new committee to address the pre-need funeral crisis surrounding bankruptcies of service providers.

3 What would you list as some of your top accomplishments so far during your three terms as legislator?

Bringing more road improvements into the 53rd District than have ever been before, the new developments along 24 highway, lowering medical malpractice insurance, tough new immigration laws, increasing public education funding, not raising your taxes, strengthening the sexual predator laws.

4 Your critics claim your voting record shows you often side with the Republicans, rather than Democrats. How do you respond?

The majority party (Republican) moves all legislation, even though Democrats file similar bills. This is a political move to go back to the district and say, “See those Democrats did not do anything.” If I only voted on Democrat issues there would not be much to vote on. I represent all parties in the district. My vote is what is best for the taxpayer no matter whose name is on it. I look at the issues I vote on not the name of the party. I did not go the Capitol to play political party games.


5 What is your position on school vouchers?

I do not support school vouchers and have never voted for them as there has never been a bill to allow it. The state constitution prohibits them. Because I have demanded accountability of taxpayers money by public school districts (who have not spent taxpayers’ money wisely) I am accused of this but they never have a bill number to back up their claim. This is just a personal attack on me.