• Animals Best Friends: Adopting an adult dog can be a better option

  • While working Santa Photos this weekend I was pleasantly surprised to see Petey, a former ABF dog that was adopted four years ago.

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  • While working Santa Photos this weekend I was pleasantly surprised to see Petey, a former ABF dog that was adopted four years ago. The young couple who adopted him said he was a great dog who has good house manners, loves their friends and family, and is doing well with his new human baby brother.
    When Petey was adopted he was about 2 years old. Why am I bringing his age up? Because adult dogs can become great pets!
    The Independence Animal Shelter and Animals Best Friends have many great adult dogs that need good homes. An adult dog can usually adjust to a new home just as well or better than a puppy. They usually have better house manners since many have previously been in a home. Adult dogs that have been in a shelter are usually grateful to their new owners for a second chance at life.
    If a recently adopted adult dog does seem to be having problems in its new home, a professional dog trainer can usually help. No matter what age an animal is, it can be taught how to be a good pet and member of the family. Adult dogs are more focused on their guardians and eager to please them.
    Adult dogs don’t need the amount of monitoring that puppies do. This makes it less stressful having a new dog in the house. Adult dogs are usually easier to house train, and since they aren’t cutting teeth, they are less likely to be destructive chewers. Another good thing about an adult dog is “what you see is what you get” – there are no surprises when the dog gets older as to how big it will be.
    Many people have adopted adult dogs and had very happy endings. The best reason to adopt an adult dog is that you will be saving a life. Another is that this animal will thank you and be the best friend you ever had. No human friend will ever love you and always be there when you need them like an adult dog will.
    Please consider an adult dog when looking for a pet for your family. Many of these wonderful animals are waiting for their forever homes at the local shelters and at Animals Best Friends. To see the ABF kids just visit www.animalsbestfriends.org.
    The following animals are available for adoption at the Independence Animal Shelter. Visit the shelter at 875 Vista Ave. or call 325–7207 for more information. If you have an animal control problem, call 325-7205.
    • 12897599 male terrier/bulldog mix, 4 years.
    • 13838569 female Siberian husky/Labrador mix, spayed, 3 years.
    • 17720125 male pointer mix, neutered, 1 year.
    • 17721149 male Labrador mix, 2 years.
    • 17740212 female mastiff mix, 2 years.
    • 17968091 male boxer mix, 1 year.
    • 17974702 female shepherd mix, 3 years.
    • 17979027 male German shepherd mix, neutered, 6 years.
    • 17983963 male shepherd mix, neutered, 3 years.
    • 18697461 male Pekingese mix, 7 years.
    • 12004897 male cat, shorthair, neutered, orange, 6 years.
    • 13107070 male cat, medium hair, orange/white, neutered, 2 years.
    • 17717726 female cat, shorthair, gray/white, spayed, 3 years.
    • 17751620 female cat, Russian blue, gray, spayed, 3 years.
    • 17751708 female cat, medium hair, gray, 4 years.
    • 17768839 female cat, shorthair, gray, 10 months.
    • 17771244 female cat, medium hair, black/orange, 2 years.
    • 17777483 female cat, longhair, gray/black, spayed, 3 years.
    • 17792371 female cat, shorthair, brown/cream, 4 months.
    • 18682303 male cat, longhair, black, 5 years.
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