• Stephen Brown: Feeling nostalgic for Chiefs' lost attitude

  • Chiefs' nostalgia, it keeps me into the Chiefs. It takes me back to when the Kansas City Chiefs played better.

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  • Chiefs' nostalgia, it keeps me into the Chiefs. It takes me back to when the Kansas City Chiefs played better.
    When men were men and the Chiefs rushed for more than 10 yards.
    I can name several that fit the mold, but current coaching has the team playing sterile.
    Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson, Justin Houston, Brandon Flowers and Eric Berry approach the game like soldiers, like men.
    They play with guts. There are others, Javier Arenas comes close. He's not perfect, but Arenas plays rough and gives it 100 percent heart.
    Defensive end Ropati Pitoitua is intimidating. At 6-foot-8, he's a man. Weighing 315, he's got potential – he's just 27. Pitoitua had nine tackles against the Cleveland Browns and four against the Oakland Raiders. He's got two sacks on the season. I've seen him mix it up.
    Pitoitua fits.
    With Hali, Johnson, Houston, Flowers and Berry I've seen each strut their stuff. I have visuals of them making a difference. Houston's flex against the Carolina Panthers was old-school Chiefs. Brandon Flowers showing off in front of a hostile Oakland crowd was brave and cool. Berry on his knees signaling “no-go” in 2010 is classic Chiefs.
    Attitude, fans want that back, a past the Chiefs need to reclaim. A history Hank Stram and Marty Schottenheimer worked hard to create.
    Problem is, today's leadership doesn't have the same stomach as past Chiefs teams. It's a different vibe at One Arrowhead Drive, more political and controlling. Think too much of yourself and you might be gone like Brian Waters. Or maybe find another team, like Brandon Carr.
    The current Chiefs persona isn't scary enough for me. Too many of the “right 53” have turned timid, or they don't care like they should.
    Hey, I love team, but the Chiefs need individuals leading. A me-myself-and-I person has grit and a Derrick Thomas way of calling a 2-point shot.
    That's Chiefs football. Kansas City doesn't have the multiple Super Bowl rings, but they’ve had gladiators. Personality, the Chiefs have had those types of players. That's what's kept most fans hanging on, memories of great players.
    Yeah, yesteryear has to return.
    OFFENSE LACKS WARRIORS: I can name more than a couple of players on defense that fit the pattern. Or at least come close.
    But on offense, you have Jamaal Charles. You might include Dwayne Bowe, but that's it.
    The Chiefs are scoring less than 13.9 points a game after the shutout loss to the Raiders. Their point differential of -172 is the worst in Chiefs history, worst in the NFL. Second worst is Herman Edwards’ 2008 Chiefs with -149.
    Page 2 of 2 - The Chiefs can't score, they have no confidence and it doesn't look like it's going to get any better without major changes.
    Kansas City's had great defensive players, but they've also had their share of fantastic offensive players. Offensive guys like Marcus Allen and Rich Gannon and Tony Richardson. Priest Holmes knew what he wanted to do, how he was going to get the TD and he did it.
    The coaching staff never held Trent Green back, but helped him succeed.
    There's Chiefs on this current roster that want to run and run fast, but it's like the driver is holding the reigns back causing the offense to stumble and fall.
    The Chiefs have needs as far as personnel; no doubt, there are positions on offense that the Chiefs still need starters, defense too.
    This offense isn't as bad as it looks, but the biggest challenge is getting folks to run Kansas City that let players do what they're capable of. To teach them what they don't know so they can reach their full potential.
    People that said prior to the season that the Chiefs had talented people weren't wrong, there is skill on the team, but not enough was said about the ones telling the players what to do. Not enough criticism went toward the ones steering the ship.
    I assumed that it'd be OK with Crennel and crew, that Pioli had turned the corner. I know, RAC says don't assume, but I did.
    Management is the biggest need, something that can't be ignored any longer. Fix it and fans will see an instant change. Men on the roster will play as such.
    Tomorrow's game against the Colts and head coach Bruce Arians might be a preview of the Chiefs next head coach, Arians is a real option in Kansas City.
    Pioli and Crennel are possibly done after 2012. This much is clear; the Chiefs can't keep struggling like this. This horror show needs to end.
    Good day, Chiefs fans!
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