• Stephen Brown: Peterson's comments show what Pioli missed

  • Former Chiefs general manager Carl Peterson spoke with the Kansas City Star earlier this week. I loved it. I really did.

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  • Former Chiefs general manager Carl Peterson spoke with the Kansas City Star earlier this week. I loved it. I really did.
    Summarizing, but Peterson said he essentially feels like he’s let Chiefs fans down and doesn’t enjoy what’s happening to the Chiefs. But the meat and potatoes was Peterson emphasizing getting to know the fans first. He took special effort to recognize what fans wanted.
    What Peterson said spoke volumes to what Scott Pioli hasn’t done in Kansas City. Was Peterson saying Pioli hadn’t done right by the fans? Indirectly, I think so.
    Without saying, Peterson whispered what most fans are thinking. Even how some fans view Clark Hunt.
    Pioli came from New England. Honest question, but what did Pioli really know about the family? The fans?
    “Scott Pioli came to an organization that isn’t just another business, it’s a family and the fans are the biggest part of this family,” said a Chiefs fan. “If you don’t listen to the majority of the family more times than none you will find yourself on the outside or at the very least being handed your hat.”
    There were lean times with Peterson. Ones who liked hearing from him probably had a hand in helping Peterson leave.
    Still, despite the disappointment of winning just one playoff game during his tenure, Peterson got something right.
    What Peterson started has kept fans in the fight today. It’s the reason some are so passionate to wear black, they want that Arrowhead feeling back. Like the economy, the Arrowhead mystique is fading.
    “When the team wins, from the janitor, to the players and to the fans, there is absolutely no one in that stadium or watching that game that isn’t a part of it,” former Chiefs fullback Kimble Anders told Chief Concerns.
    Christie Davis, with chiefconcerns.com, talked to three different Chief players from former to current. All mentioned similar things. Comments like “fans are motivation for the players,” “fans help win games” and “when the players look out and see a full stadium of support, we are encouraged and feel appreciated”
    Fans appreciate the players, but like Andy Studebaker said after the Cincinnati Bengals game, “Homefield just doesn’t happen.”
    The king of the hill used to be Carl Peterson; he created things like the KC Wolf and staging fan contests in the parking lot with Lamar Hunt. That’s the down in the weeds stuff Pioli’s missed or hasn’t done.
    Might seem petty, a little unoriginal, but the heartbeat of Arrowhead starts in the parking lot. Peterson figured that out and turned it into success. The big stuff starts with the little stuff.
    Page 2 of 2 - I’ve written it before about Pioli and the fans, but Pioli didn’t and hasn’t tried hard enough. Being a private person is fine, but sorry, Pioli has to get over it if he wants this thing to hum. That means Pioli putting himself out there.
    Well, that’s if he stays. The damage might be done, like a bad first date.
    Save Our Chiefs is extending the “blackout” due to popular demand, according to organizer Marty McDonald. The plan is to keep doing so until Pioli is gone.
    Pioli has just a 6 percent (137 votes) approval rating out of 2,165 votes on ArrowheadPride.com.
    Question: How can that ever work?
    For a smart guy, Pioli did a dumb thing, especially for a new general manager taking over a struggling franchise. He ignored the main cog. Peterson stuck around for 20 years. He wasn’t stupid, he saw fans as an asset instead of children better seen than heard.
    So it feels like 2008 – about ready to go 1-10, just like back then.
    Peterson said he and Lamar Hunt used to judge buses and vans in the parking lot that fans had painted for the games. Peterson said Lamar loved that.
    Fun is missing, that’s what needs to come back. Fun is something else Peterson pointed out that isn’t happening.
    The truth hurts, but so does this losing. Real bad!
    Good day, Chiefs fans!

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