D’Vante Mosby was diving after balls out of bounds like his life depended on it – even when the game no longer did.

D’Vante Mosby was diving after balls out of bounds like his life depended on it – even when the game no longer did.

The Fort Osage sophomore forward never showed any signs of letting up, let alone quitting in a 78-46 loss to Columbia Rock Bridge. Late in the fourth quarter with an impossible deficit to overcome, Mosby dove for a ball that was rolling out of bounds. Indians coach Josh Wilson said he could have used more of that in the first round of the William Jewell Holiday Basketball Classic on Monday.

“We talked about that play specifically,” Wilson said of his after-game talk. “Diving out of bounds when there’s two minutes left to go in the game ... where’s that with everybody else? Why can’t we get that with everybody else? What do we need to do to get that to everybody else?”

Asking Mosby why he made that play is like asking him why he breathes.

“It’s basketball. I love basketball,” he said. “Anything to get the ball, anything to get us another chance, I’ll do it.”

It’s an attitude that helped Mosby score a team-high 18 points and grab a game-high 11 rebounds.

“You can’t teach that. You can’t teach that effort. You can’t teach how much he wants to win,” Wilson said.

It’s also helped keep a lop-sided game from turning into a bloodbath.

After a four-point second quarter, the Indians went into halftime trailing 44-16. They came out and gave the Bruins all they could handle in the second half.

“They got a little butt chewing at halftime, and they started playing hard,” Wilson said.

The five Indians that took the court to start the second half had a renewed vigor despite hopeless odds. While Fort never came within striking distance, the effort did make things interesting.

The Indians even cut the lead to 18 at one point playing the Bruins even in the third quarter.

“Five guys decided to play hard, and it worked out,” Wilson said. “If we can do that for four quarters, we could be good.”

Taking care of the ball for four quarters would help too. Fort Osage had 24 turnovers to Rock Bridge’s three. Wilson said the worst part was the turnovers weren’t as much a factor of the Bruins’ defensive pressure as the Indians’ mistakes.

Fort gets another chance in the Jewell tournament. The Indians play Smithville at 1:30 p.m. today.

“Hopefully, we can get that nice turnaround and get going (today), because it’s a quick turnaround,” Wilson said. “We should be ready to go (today).”

That’s where the second-half could have it’s biggest impact. Mosby said it’s a performance that gave the team confidence even if it couldn’t give the Indians a win.

“Seeing that we can fight, seeing that we can get back in the game and play them straight in the third quarter shows that we can do it in the first quarter and the second quarter when it really matters,” Mosby said. “You need to set the tone at the beginning but we couldn’t do that tonight.”