Cooking out can bring a familly together.

Grouchy Bear has been having a great week. With the exception of rainy days, he has been out in the woods and enjoying the outdoors.

With fishing being his favorite hobby he has been out twice, and is going again tomorrow. I am just happy to see him happy. Makes my life a lot easier.

Add the above to cookouts and visits from grandchildren all of whick make great memories and happy days.

n Vidalia onions have been popping up for sale in a few places, and we love to grill the onions.

I peel the onion and cut it across in each direction. It is a bit like cutting quarters but do not cut clear through. Next I open it a bit and fill the spaces with Take Control or Smart Balance margarine spread and add minced garlic on top of the butter.

Wrap each onion separately with the cut side up in aluminum foil. Place on the grill or in the coals and cook until tender.

n Place a few potatoes (according to the total you are feeding) in a pan of water and boil until tender. Do no overcook. Cool in cold water and slice with peels intact. Using an aluminum pie pan place potatoes in layers, add onion layers alternating until you have the amount you want. Top with margarine spread. Place pie pan on large sheet of foil and fold the foil over the top.

Place package on grill with top fold up and cook until well warmed and onions tender.

n Slice hotdogs or brats open without cutting through and place pieces of cheese in center.

Wrap meat in a piece of bacon, secure bacon with toothpick and place on grill. Don’t forget to remove the toothpick before eating.

n A picnic does not seem complete without baked beans. Using two large cans of pork and beans add a cup of chopped onion, half cup of chopped green pepper, several pieces of chopped bacon. Mix and add a half cup of brown sugar, two tablespoons mustard, half cup barbeque sauce. Mix well.

Place in oven at 350 degrees for an hour.

Check it several times to make sure that it does not brown too much on top.

n A great dessert we made by breaking a pound cake into small pieces and placing into a large cake pan. Mix sugar free jello according to package directions and pour over the cake. Top this with sliced strawberries (sweetened with Splenda) and allow to set in refrigerator until ready to serve.

Top it with fat free whipped topping and serve.

Enjoy the summer with family and friends. If  you know someone who is alone invite them over for a family event and make their memories great ones too.

Pray for our service men and women who serve and were not home for the Memorial day celebration.

Praise GOD for all who have served before them allowing us the freedom to  enjoy family events.

See you next week.