Hillcrest Transitional Housing of Eastern Jackson County

401 N. Spring St.


Caring for the needs of nine families a week requires a lot of food, toiletries and household items, says Cotton Sivils, director of Hillcrest Transitional Living of Eastern Jackson County.

Immediate needs:

Meat: chicken, lunchmeat, hot dogs, hamburger, pork, ham Fresh foods: eggs, cheese slices, vegetables, fruit, bread, milk Dry goods: sugar, canned chicken and tuna, canned tuna, sloppy joe mix, spaghettio’s/ravioli, canned fruit, snack foods, cereal, Kool-Aid, juice Other: Crisco and cooking oil, 409/Clorox spray cleaners, diapers (especially size 4), dish soap, Kleenex/facial tissue, toilet paper, paper towels, tampons, trash bags Perishable food items: bacon, sausage, pot pies, frozen dinners, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, corn dogs, shredded cheese Nonperishable food items: jelly/jam, ketchup/BBQ sauce, biscuit and muffin mixes, Raman noodles, general herbs/spices, mayonnaise/mustard, pancake mix/syrup, tea bags, taco shells and seasoning, boxed au gratin potatoes Household items: deodorant (men/women), dryer sheets/softener, shampoo and conditioner (full size), toothpaste, baby wipes, umbrellas, Hallmark cards (birthday, get well, etc.), Q-tips, shaving cream, dental floss, Vaseline, air freshener, laundry detergent and bleach, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, razors, pull-ups, hangers