To the editor:

Last January, the National Society Sons of the American Revolution with the Virginia Society of the SAR dedicated a monument to black patriots of Charles City County, Va., who supported the American Revolution.

In the ceremony of dedication, Bruce A. Wilcox, president general of the NSSAR, noted that perhaps 20,000 black Americans served in the Revolution. He said a substantial group of slaves and free blacks joined the New England militia units that fought in the Battle of Bunker Hill and manned the breastworks around Boston. At the end of 1775, he related, George Washington decided that the Continental Army would be racially integrated. He said most blacks in the Revolution served alongside whites and comprised, at any time, between 6 and 12 percent of the fighting force.

Black patriots served with honor in all of America’s great conflicts. They did not condemn America nor invoke God’s wrath against it. They served and suffered and died to defend America and to make it better.