• No separation of church and state

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  • Robert L. Nauman
    To the editor:
    When the government was first organized, the rule was to protect all religions and not to adopt one religion, as was done in Rome many year ago. The government and Christian religion walked together in the organizing of the government in the early American time of George Washington.
    There was no rule of separation of religion. The government had no say-so as to the desires of the people, and praying was allowed and used by all. The word “separate” came later when it was used in a letter and later picked up loosely, grabbed and used wrongly by an individual. It was never a legal term to use within the government.
    It appears that it was picked up and used in an ulterior manner for unusual reasons. Christian churches were allowed tax protection. All kinds of non-Christian organizations have now grown up and seek tax advantage and really have no connection to true values and religion. True religion is basically thrown out and these lesser throw together to form a so-called religion and are causing a lot of problems.
    Anyone who would like to look into the facts, may write to Wallbuilders for a DVD – “America’s Godly Heritage” by David Barton – at P.O. Box 397, Aledo, Texas, 76008. Write for the DVD and be informed.
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