• Campaign tactics were out of line

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  • Robin Neill
    To the editor:
    I feel I must respond to the tactics used in the Independence City Council campaign. There was absolutely no reason for the venom and untruths flung about by Mr. Whiting’s campaign. How does someone running for office for the first time get designated as a “career politician?” This is Mr. Whiting’s second elected position.
    Imagine how surprised several people named as endorsing Mr. Whiting were to read it in his mailer. Some of them purposely didn’t endorse either candidate; some had already endorsed Patrick Cierpiot. This I know to be true because I confirmed it with some of them. While I concur that there was plenty of evidence of “lying,” I suggest that it came from the candidate whose literature stated that he is a priesthood member. We expected better.
    I am disappointed in this nasty form of politics. Stick to the issues. Don’t sling mud from behind the anonymity of some “council for accountability.” My name is Robin Neill, and I want to say to members of city government and campaigners alike that I am disappointed in their handling and/or ignoring of these election tactics. Citizens of Independence deserve much better.
    Martin Luther King said, “Means we use must be as pure as the ends we seek.” Jesus said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Our community would be a better place if we lived (and voted) by those principles.

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