Do you like the term “veritable plethora?” I do and that is what will appear below with respect to suggestions for coping with your financial life until further notice during this interesting time to be alive in these United States. (By the way, if you are not familiar with that term, the Finke slang definition is true hodgepodge.)

First, if you are in a hole, stop digging! Let the federal government borrow all the money it wants, but you stop. Work to get out of debt. Get a copy of Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover” for detailed instructions on how to tame your situation and get out of debt. If you must buy it, use an online discount site. Otherwise, ask a friend or the library to lend it to you for free.

Second, if you are paying at least 6.25 percent on a home loan, have no prepayment penalties and plan to stay for more than a few years, refinance your home mortgage. Do not pay any points, just some closing costs out of pocket if you have that amount in cash. The new loan should be no more than 5.25 percent for a 30-year loan. If higher, shop around or wait until it reduces again.

Third, if you have no debt, you do not have to borrow and your vehicle is at least four years old, buy a new one assembled in the United States. Nothing exotic. Right now prices for new have at least the first year’s depreciation already discounted. So offer 35 percent less than MSRP and go from there. If you don’t like their counteroffer, keep your money and your present car.

In general if you are only holding back from buying a car, making a home improvement or other major purchases because someone called for a recession – for example, you are retired and your monthly income of Social Security, pension and the like satisfies your needs – then go buy it or spend the money. (Durable things! I’m not talking about dinner.)

Under those conditions, not spending on things you want is just hurting your children and grandchildren.

Besides, the dollars you are saving are being devalued, interest on your money is almost zero and later it will cost us all our income to pay for the government’s solution. Therefore your physical stuff will be worth more or at least depreciate more slowly.

Now for the hard part. If Treasury Secretary Geithner and the administration do not calm down the financial markets in the next several days – such as telling us they will not take all of our stock through nationalization no matter what happens – I am going to sell more losing stocks and stock funds and instead buy short-term, non-federal government investment grade bonds and ETF’s (exchange traded funds) that are short (inverse or opposite) the stock market. Based on what the Democans and Republicrats are all doing, we may have another year or two of falling stock prices even though they are on a terrific sale right now.

If they can sell us on improvement and the indices begin moving up again, then keep your stocks and look for more to buy.