Dixie Ryan lives in Odessa and has enjoyed sharing her cooking talents and secrets with readers for many years.

 This week has been a pretty decent one. We have had several great meals that were tasty, simple and healthy. It has kept “you know who” happy and that makes me happy too.

The ironic thing is, that like many times past, my meals were experimental and probably have become family favorites by accident.

 Perhaps our thinking should be more like my granddaughter, Kayla.

When I mentioned to her that I would sure like peanut butter to be safe because we were missing our peanut butter sandwiches she said that they found some that was safe. She said they bought a jar of peanut butter recently and it was fine. She further explained she made a sandwich out of the peanut butter and had her little sister, Taylor, eat it. Then she waited a day and since Taylor was still alive she made herself one too.

 One of my meal ventures ended up providing two good meals for the price of one.

A large “reduced for quick sale” piece of round steak was the beginning of the recipe. It had been tenderized so I add that to the suggested preparations.

 Early in the morning I put one can of beef broth, one can of cream of mushroom soup and one envelope of dried onion soup into my crock pot. Then I placed the meat into the mix, rolled it over once and left it to cook on low. Several hours later I added some chopped carrots, five or six large potatoes (quartered) and left it to cook for the day.

 Later I made a lettuce salad to complete the meal. 

 Since I had leftovers I decided (the next evening) to cut the left over meat and potatoes into small bite size pieces. I placed this into the crockpot, added the leftover gravy and carrots, one can of beef broth and allowed it to warm. Then I dumped in a package of frozen veggies and a can of cream of potato soup and allowed it to cook for several hours. It was the best steak soup you could ask for.

 We had a happy bear! He had a happy wife because it was easy to fix, tasty, healthy and the cost was exceptionally good. The steak was less than $3, and I plan to watch for some more of these marked down meats.

 If you consider the costs of two cans of soup, potatoes and the other ingredients you can imagine that we each enjoyed two great meals for less  $3 per person.

 Our desserts this past week have been instant sugar-free pudding and I have added lite fruits, marshmallows and other fun things. It provides an inexpensive, healthy, tasty dessert. My plan for next week is to purchase some peanut butter and add some to chocolate pudding.

I will let him eat it and  if he is still alive the next day we will have a peanut butter sandwich.

See you next week.