I am buying bananas with my stimulus package cash.

We are in the Land of Grandma’s Advice right now, meaning pay down one’s debt before buying a single thing more.

I wonder if that includes bananas?

Before I explain, I want to mention a footnote. I heard the description “Land of Grandma’s Advice” while moving too fast channel surfing. Did not catch the name of the financial adviser who quipped the remark. Sorry, I cannot credit him here, but his advice remains sage indeed.

Just like Grandma’s.

To make us feel better, this financial guru in question also mentioned that we are not actually in Grandma’s Great Depression yet or are we headed there, he thinks. He is almost certain.

What do bananas have to do with any of this, you may ask?  Here’s what.

The spousal unit in our household is already in Grandma’s Great Depression mode.

Late yesterday afternoon, he graciously asked if I bought bananas yet that day.

My first thought, “He noticed we are out of bananas?”

I said no and that I had not been to the store.

He sweetly replied, “Don’t worry about it; I will get your bananas for you as I know you like one for breakfast.”

I am thinking, “What is up with all this sugar all of a sudden, offering to get bananas out of the clear blue and with no prompting. Hmmm.”

Just before I went to bed I was hungry and went looking for a banana, since apparently we have them now.  There they were on the banana hanger, barely visible because there were only two of them.

Two bananas!

Immediately, I asked the hubby why two, why not a bunch?

And he replied, “They go on sale tomorrow somewhere and I am not going to spend more for them today. I will wait until then even if I have to drive all over town. I didn’t want you to buy too many today and spend too much on them.”

Recently, he overstocked the freezer with day-old bread and visited electric companies that give out packs of free light bulbs to customers.

It is not the Great Depression yet in our household, but it is getting close.

Good news though.

The Wall Street Journal reported last week that our nation’s upcoming stimulus package will give us all fresh cash in our paychecks, “the latest calculations of the tax break suggest that the $116 billion in tax credits would amount to an extra $8 weekly in each paycheck.”

I am spending mine on a bunch of bananas and fresh bread; forget the light bulbs. Eight dollars should do it.