Independence and Blue Springs both stand to gain more funds from the federal stimulus package.

Independence and Blue Springs both stand to gain more funds from the federal stimulus package.
As part of the Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Independence will receive $202,906 in community development block grants, and Blue Springs will receive $61,127 in in additional funds.
Jennifer Clark, community development director for the city of Independence, said she is pleased that Independence will be benefiting from the additional funds.
“The demands are always higher than the funds available in our Community Development Block Grant program,” she said. “Our understanding is that the funds can be used for traditionally eligible projects. However, we do not have the final statement from HUD as to the exact money or types of projects that can be funded with the additional dollars.”
Scott Allen, director of Blue Springs Community Development, said Blue Springs was allocated $225,058 in CDBG funds for the current fiscal year. He and the city will follow HUD guidance for using the money, but what the city would do with the money is unclear.
In Blue Springs, the HUD money has been used for a variety of different projects, including upcoming efforts to install 58 streetlight bases from Missouri 7 to 15th Street, as well as install sidewalks on the west side of 10th Street from Walnut to South Avenue; the east side of Ninth Street from Walnut to Jones; and the north side of Kingsridge Drive from Canterbury to the shopping center.
U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill announced Thursday the Department of Housing and Urban Development is providing Missouri communities with approximately $45 million in federal grant money.
According to McCaskill’s office, the money is being provided through HUD’s Community Development Block Grant Program and Homeless Prevention Grant Program, which provide federal funds to help local communities foster economic growth and prevent homelessness.
“We passed the Economic Recovery Act to put people back to work and bring jobs to Americans across the country,” McCaskill said in the release. “These federal grant funds are the beginning of that effort, and I’m happy that the dollars are coming to Missouri so quickly.”
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Kelly Evenson contributed to this report.