In the Examiner article, “Polygamy – putting blame where it belongs,” Carol Hansen makes several accusations about Joseph Smith and his involvement in polygamy.

To the editor:

False accusations are getting old.

In the Examiner article, “Polygamy – putting blame where it belongs,” Carol Hansen makes several accusations about Joseph Smith and his involvement in polygamy.

The problem with her assertions is she does exactly what other historians do that bring them to this false conclusion. She has taken the history written by the LDS church after the death of Joseph Smith and during the reign of Brigham Young and used it to justify the accusations. Her first reference was from the Millenial Star volume 21. This is a Mormon publication and was published 1859 during the LDS presidential reign of Brigham Young, who was the one who accused Joseph Smith of founding polygamist doctrines.

Here is a quote from Joseph Smith who refuted the accusations of polygamy before his death – “I had not been married scarcely five minutes, and made one proclamation of the Gospel, before it was reported that I had seven wives.... I am innocent of all these charges.... What a thing it is for a man to be accused of committing adultery, and having seven wives, when I can only find one. I am the same man, and as innocent as I was fourteen years ago; and I can prove them all perjurers,” Joseph Smith Jr.

After using a Mormon source, she then references a book by Fawn Brodie which has been widely questioned and criticized by Mormon and non-Mormon alike. There many books that refute Ms. Brodie’s that have been published since. More information on these and other publications that show the truth of these matters can be found at

Brigham Young was an evil man who also is believed to be the one who ordered the murders of innocent men, women and children in 1857 while serving as governor of the Utah territory. Mr. Young had an amazing amount of power at the time and even had the memorial cross erected for the victims of this massacre to be destroyed. Some of the women accusing Joseph Smith of polygamy were also married to Mr. Young when they did the accusing and all accusers were members of the LDS church under his leadership. Yet, none of these facts are mentioned in the article by Mrs. Hansen.

Additionally, the most telling lack of evidence that Joseph was a polygamist is the lack of documentation. All the so-called evidences asserting polygamy by Smith are testimonies from people who had reason to fabricate the stories. Of all the alleged wives, none has a marriage document or any other legal or written document, a single letter or note written in Joseph’s hand, a photograph, and especially, no children. The reason given by Brigham Young for the practice of polygamy was to have children for the kingdom. If this is the case, where are all Joseph’s offspring? Brigham Young had many children by numerous wives. The only children Joseph ever had are from his one and only wife, Emma Smith.

Regarding Steve Veasey, he has not only given over the history of the church to the LDS rather than defending the truth, but he has also given over the original doctrines of the church, such as close communion and baptism by authorized priesthood. Considering he does not hold to the original doctrines of the RLDS church, his opinions on the history of Joseph Smith do not matter anymore than Mrs. Hansen’s do.