• Brown: Win over Colts makes for a good bye

  • The stats are improving, but so is the team.

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  • The stats are improving, but so is the team.
    Matt Cassel is averaging 231 yards over the last three games with seven touchdowns and one interception. Instead of 44.5 points per game, Kansas City has allowed just 21 points over their last three games. Scoring is up from just five points per game to 21.6 points an outing.
    Mistakes are down and so are the turnovers. Against the Indianapolis Colts, the Chiefs had their best total output with 436 total yards of offense. It was a complete game with Jackie Battle gaining 119 yards on 19 attempts.
    Nothing but happy thoughts and positive vibes for the bye week, right?
    You’d think, but 610 Sports’ Nick Wright leaked drama Thursday. The word is Scott Pioli made the decision to fire Todd Haley if the Chiefs didn’t beat the Colts. Wright claims multiple sources, but it took just a minute before Pioli came back with a 100 percent denial.
    I listened, but many who called into the station weren’t buying it. Not many agreed on Facebook or on the Internet either. Pioli told ArrowheadPride.com there’s no truth to any of this.
    Me, I go by what I see.
    In the locker room, spirits are high and the Chiefs have two wins in a row. Sure, victory came against winless teams, but they’re wins. In the locker room, my eyes see players who look optimistic, who are having fun and still believe. Compared to the first two weeks, the overall attitude is night and day restored.
    Question: If Pioli and Haley were bickering as often as some claim, wouldn’t it have bled into the locker room? Would the players still be giving Haley credit, listening to Haley or trying to win? Would they even care anymore?
    When the Chiefs were down 24-7 to the Colts that would have been an excellent opportunity to quit, but the players didn’t.
    One plus one equals two, and if Pioli and Haley weren’t getting along it would have affected the kids. Haley compares what happens in the circle as a family, so with that thought – and having a family of my own – what happens in the home affects everyone.
    If Haley was on shaky ground, I believe the players would have noticed by now. I’m not feeling it.
    “Haley’s a good coach, I feel like he’s doing a good job with the team,” rookie offensive lineman Rodney Hudson said. “We’re just trying to get better as a team and play hard. It feels better now that we’re winning games, everyone feels better when you win games.”
    Like I said, either the players are great actors or there’s isn’t a problem.
    Page 2 of 2 - THE LITTLE THINGS: Many talked about the Chiefs playing bean bags on Monday, but The Examiner had it in print last Saturday.
    People are talking about it, and, from what I see, LeRon McClain is the best with Andy Studebaker needs the most practice.
    But it’s about the little things and having fun. The Chiefs don’t need to overthink it, analyze it or change what’s working after the bye. The Chiefs shouldn’t try to be what they want to be, but be who they are.
    Getting back to the basics has worked for the Chiefs.
    “Exactly,” said Jon Asamoah, the second-year offensive lineman who replaced Brian Waters. “As far as team bonding and things like that, it’s great. Guys getting together and playing the game and having fun is great.”
    I’m not saying the game is the reason for the turn in the season, but the thought is. I asked Asamoah if he was having fun, with a big smile he said he was. Again, that goes back to Haley and him trying to switch it up for his players.
    McClain said he suggested it first, because that’s what worked when he was with the Baltimore Ravens.
    There’s always going to be drama and folks trying to throw dirt on things. If there’s something between Pioli and Haley I hope it gets worked out, because quite a few fans like Haley, his gamer lid and all. Like Haley’s beard, he’s grown on fans.
    In the meantime, I’m encouraged by what I see with the Chiefs.
    Good day, Chiefs fans!

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