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There’s a positive tho’t as to truth, as to peace and without it, there’s turmoil, causing disruption in life. Peace means calm, quiet, harmony, undisturbed state of mind, to be silent.

The Bible says “Now  may the Lord of Peace himself give you Peace always by all means,” (found in II Thessalonians 3:16); and “Mark the perfect man and behold the upright, for the end of that man is Peace,” (in Psalms 37:37).

As to Peace – two children, Jane, 10, and James, 12, were sitting in the porch swing after supper; and were discussing world issues  of life-was/is and what living should consist of for betterment.

They had heard their parents’ discussion of America’s problems and decided to converse of it.

Their questions consisted of wrongs in American and why. Valued conversation were why war? Why greed? Why discrepancies and much more – abounded their young minds. While one spoke the other listened, hoping that a consolation of answers would greet them in a positive way.

Jane, 10, came up with words, console and consolidation of which James, 12, tho’t descriptive, as to conversing.

Together, their young minds decided that problems in America were minus peace, of which created turmoil and unhappiness, each new day at sunrise. Tho’t abounded that America needed Peace that passeth all understanding in life and – turning to God would bring that Peace. With that positive tho’t both children clasped hands and prayed to thank God for their answer. The joyful twosome went inside, happily telling Mom of the realness of America’s living

With this Mom agreed and treats of strawberry shortcake were awaiting all three in the dining nook. Mom’s intuition prompted this award. Thanks to God was given before devouring the treat, and Peace reigned in this family’s hearts – as “Peace, joyful Peace” for always!