To the editor:
The article entitled “Congress should vote on arms treaty,” The Examiner, Nov. 20, 2010, supports the great pretender’s campaign to eviscerate America’s defenses. Contrary to the article’s utterly specious claim that every American expert favors the treaty, it is highly controversial. There are experts who oppose the treaty, if the definition of expert includes patriots, and those who are not Quislings or fools duped by Quislings. Like the Rosenberg spies, the Obama cabal wants communist regimes to have strategic military advantage over America, the better to promote the communist cause.

The notion that “Every American expert, conservative and liberal, Republican and Democrat, is convinced the treaty recently signed by... Obama is necessary for the safety of America and is a really good deal for us” is a lie.

Proponents of the treaty are giving us the bum’s rush to surrender American interests by treaty before new senators elected last Nov. 2 take office, and before sufficient time has elapsed for them to review the treaty. Because senators who have been rejected by their states remain in office until January 2011, there is a much greater chance that the treaty would be ratified by the constitutionally requisite two-thirds of the Senate, in the event a confirmation vote is rushed.

The article misrepresents the Senate’s constitutional function. It is not to “review and ratify treaties.” The Senate is not a rubber stamp. “The president shall have power, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to make treaties, provided two thirds of the senators present concur; ....” U.S. Const. Art. II Sec. 2. The Senate may advise by withholding consent. That should be done in this case, after due deliberation. The Senate may exercise its power of consent by withholding consent. That should be done in this case, after due deliberation.

If the arms treaty be so important, why should it be ratified by a rotten Senate full of has-beens?
Those brave American senators who use every lawful means to hinder, delay, block and defeat the arms treaty deserve the commendation of every patriot among the electorate.