• Tim Crone: Hunt causes critics to eat crow

  • Criticism of the Kansas City Chiefs has risen as the success of the organization has declined over the past decade.

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  • Criticism of the Kansas City Chiefs has risen as the success of the organization has declined over the past decade.
    I have been one of the biggest critics, especially since Clark Hunt took over for his father. I felt he was clueless about the operations of a professional football franchise.
    I hope the time has come for me to eat my words!
    It’s difficult to tell how the recent drastic changes will play out but I feel that it was a great decision to hire Andy Reid followed by the promising selection of John Dorsey as the new general manager.
    Clark apparently finally realized that the entire organization had blown up and has made an effort to entirely rebuild the team with a complete overhaul.
    A revamped organization could not be successful without a proven, accomplished and experienced professional head coach as opposed to an unproven college coach. His choice of head coach had to be someone familiar with the ins and outs of the most balanced and competitive league in professional sports.
    Andy Reid has been there and done that. In addition, the weakest link on the Chiefs is at the quarterback position. Very few coaches in the NFL have more skill than Reid in developing quarterbacks. This guy understands how it all works and knows how to go about changing the direction of a franchise.
    Since the Chiefs had dug such a deep hole, they really had no alternatives. Clark Hunt has already begun to advertise his proven successful NFL head coach. It is an attempt to win back the confidence of the team’s fan base.
    To also hire John Dorsey is genius. Dorsey’s effective drafting for the Packers over the past six years has made that organization inactive in the area of free agency. The success of the Packers while under his control speaks for itself. Peterson and Pioli had an overall poor performance with many draft pick busts. The NFL is all about talent and the ability to find that talent.
    A third contributing factor with Hunt’s overhaul is his choice to make both Reid and Dorsey accountable only to him. The huge egos of the past two general managers of the Chiefs contributed greatly to the team’s lack of success. Those guys seemed to believe they walked on water.
    The best example was the Pioli-versus-Haley debacle. Both looked at themselves as the answer when in fact they were the biggest contributors to the problem. The boss is now Hunt – period!
    Again, only time will tell but I believe the drastic action had to be swiftly and firmly, and Clark Hunt stepped up to the plate.
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    n My quote this week (dedicated to Clark Hunt) is from Canadian journalist George Brown: “Many times, the best way to learn is through mistakes. A fear of making mistakes can bring individuals to a standstill, to a dead center. Fear is the wicked wand that transforms human beings into vegetables.”

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