• Stephen Brown: Complicated time to be a Chiefs fan

  • Eric Berry knows Kansas City Chiefs history.

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  • Eric Berry knows Kansas City Chiefs history.
    “I studied before I came up here,” Berry said. “That was one of the things Scott (Pioli) told me. He said just go ahead and see what organization you’re playing for and the players that came through here and see the guys that built it before I came here.”
    No doubt, Berry loves what he does.
    “I love football,” he said. “I play football with a passion for the sport. I’m very thankful for the people that came before us you know. I’ve learned so much from them how to play the game and have gained a lot of benefits from the guys that played the game. Not just on the field but off the field as well.”
    Something I wanted to ask Berry was something he said to me as a rookie. Berry said he wanted to be great. Shortly after he made those comments I saw a video of Derrick Thomas as a rookie saying the same thing.
    “When I say I want to be great, I want to be put into a different league. Epic,” Berry said. “When guys think about football, they think to Eric Berry. When they play the defensive back position or defense they want to play like Eric Berry. When I say great, I want to leave behind a legacy, guys like Derrick Thomas did. He’s gone but he still has people talking about what he did. People know who he is and what he did. Being great is taking it to a whole different level.”
    Eric Berry came in a winner, had a winning season in 2010 as a rookie. What is Berry learning from a season like this?
    “Hey, it can’t get any worse,” Berry said with all sincerity. “You know what I’m saying. We have a positive mindset from here on out. Everything in the past we are not concerned about. It’s forward and on. Coach made some moves as far as how we’re going about our business you know and I think that’s going to help us out as far as everyone being more in tune and focused. We had some time away and breaks along with Thursday’s game.
    “Monday we have a lot of reasons to play hard. We’re focused on getting better and turning the season around.”
    What I like about Berry is you believe him. Chiefs fans desperately want to believe in these guys.
    It’s a tricky time to be a fan. It’s hard writing about the ugly without getting too ugly about the Chiefs.
    Fans think about what they’d like to tell each player and how they’ve played, but I see excitement in Dexter McCluster. I hear genuine talk when Derrick Johnson tells me about team. I left the locker room thinking these players still want to win.
    Page 2 of 2 - “That’s all you have to hold onto is determination,” Johnson said. “Because if you love football regardless of the record you have to play football. What we play for what I play for is that guy next to me. I want to win for him. Because we bleed and sweat out there on the field together, we do all this hard work and pre-planning to beat this team and I want it to work.
    “We have another half of a season to go. We have to finish strong.”
    Do players think about draft position or losing on purpose?
    “Great opportunity to do something big,” McCluster said on the team’s upcoming game with Pittsburgh. “It definitely tears you up as a player – this start. But it goes back to adversity knowing the type of players that we are and type of athletes we are we’re always hungry and we want to win.
    “That’s how we were brought up and how we we’re raised. Why lay down now? Just keep competing.”
    This year’s college quarterbacks aren’t the quality of last season’s group. No Andrew Luck or RGIII. There’s wiggle room to get a good quarterback later in the draft. Not all good quarterbacks were No.1 picks.
    Fans need to decide if they want to be busy flying banners or still cheering the team. That’s up to each fan.
    Not saying there aren’t things to fix, there is. I’ve met Scott Pioli, talked to Pioli and happen to think Pioli is a nice guy. But as a fan, I want what’s best for the Chiefs.
    Berry studied the history of the Chiefs. It’s that history and colors I cling to. To me, that surpasses who’s currently in charge or wearing a number on their back. People go, but tradition sticks.
    I’m still cheering. A win against the Pittsburgh Steelers and Todd Haley may not change much, just a second win, but it’d be fun.
    Fun would do us all good. Don’t you think?
    Good day, Chiefs fans!

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