• Congress must find plan to deal with debt

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  • To the editor:
    Like my fellow Americans, I am deeply concerned about our nation’s financial future and job creation. Our country will face a fiscal catastrophe if Washington can’t address our crushing long-term debt with a plan. Our Congress needs to listen to the people and work together. We can make Social Security solvent by raising the cap on FICA, Medicare by bundled payments with incentives and cheaper drug prices without throwing seniors under the bus.
    Fortunately, some in Congress understand the urgency. For months, a bipartisan group of senators known as the “gang of six” has been working together to produce a comprehensive plan to address the ballooning deficit. Their approach has earned the backing of No Labels, a new political group encouraging bipartisan problem-solving. The gang of six could issue their proposal as soon as next week, but already some on the left and right have begun their attacks. I think most of us are sick of bickering. I do think tax reform is crucial to give American business a break and take away loopholes and havens allowing two-thirds of so-called small business to evade taxes altogether at the expense of business in the USA.
    As Congress weighs its next move in the weeks ahead, we need our leaders to demonstrate real courage and exercise political restraint. Let’s hope our representatives give the gang of six a fair hearing. If not, we risk more hyper-partisan gridlock, which we can’t afford.